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The results are in for the 2021 Pick-3 draft prediction contest!!

Yet another year of unabated draft contest excitement

Washington Redskins v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

The 2021 (fourth annual) Pick-3 draft prediction contest was the biggest and highest-scoring in the history of the annual Hogs Haven draft extravaganza!

The previous scoring record, set last year, was 37 points, but this year’s winner amassed an astonishing 40-point total by correctly predicting the exact player and round for 4 of Washington’s 10 draft picks.

dg28, a long-time member of Hogs Haven, sat in second-place after the first three rounds, with 24 points. At that time, he was 4 points behind the 2018 winner, Maroooook! who had another impressive showing this year, and who had grabbed the early lead heading into Day 3 of the draft.

But on Saturday, dg28 added 16 points by correctly predicting Washington’s selection of safety Darrick Forrest in the 5th round, bringing his total to a contest-record and winning total of 40 points.

dg28’s four correct predictions were:

  • LB Jamin Davis in the first round
  • OT Sam Cosmi in the second round
  • WR Dyami Brown in the third round
  • S Darrick Forrest in the fifth round

Maroooook! and SkinsaneAsylum — both previous contest winners — were the only other entrants to correctly predict the names of four WFT draft picks, but they came up short of dg28’s score by being less accurate in predicting the rounds the four players were selected in.

In an amazing showing, 14 entrants scored 25 points or more; the previous record was four people hitting the 25-point mark. Had the WFT front office decided to draft long snapper Cameron Cheeseman in the 7th round instead of the 6th, the number of 25-point scorers would have been considerably higher, and it would have changed the outcome of the contest.

Here are the results for all of the double-digit scorers in this year’s contest:

As always, if I have made a mistake in anyone’s score, please feel free to let me know in the comments or via email and I will adjust your score with apologies. I use a spreadsheet and rely on manual scanning to identify correct answers as my supercomputer is in the shop for repair this week, and mistakes are possible with 71 entrants making 24 predictions each; however, I individually reviewed the entries of the top-20 to triple check that no potential winning entries slipped through the initial process.

I want to thank all 71 Hogs Haven members who took the time to put together entries for the fourth annual Pick-3 contest. It literally couldn’t have happened without you. I hope you had fun and that it added just a little extra spice to your 2021 NFL Draft experience.

As always, the prize for winning this contest is an open invitation to a night out on the town in beautiful Bangkok, Thailand (though this year’s prize, like last year’s, will need to be claimed after the COVID situation is fully under control). All dg28 needs to do is get himself to Bangkok (with at least a week’s advance notice) and I will pay for a night of drinks at the bar(s) of his choice. To date, none of the previous winners have claimed their prize, but they remain valid. The prizes expire when I do.

With ten total picks in the 2021 draft, the Washington Football Team did a lot to enhance its roster and its chances of defending its NFC East division championship. I look forward to an entertaining offseason and a great season of football to follow!