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Thank God It’s Tuesday—Why Do People Still Think Aaron Rodgers is Coming to DC?

Kevin, Tim and Ken keep the conversation going year-round about YOUR favorite football team.

Carolina Panthers v Washington Football Team Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

It’s always a great night to be talking about the Washington Football Team...but Tuesdays are special. Kevin, Tim and Ken are gathered yet again in an undisclosed basement-esque location to discuss the never-ending drama surrounding our favorite team in the land. It’s not always bad drama, per se, but there are very few dull moments. We’ll be live at approximately 8:30 EST.

We’re just about smack dab in the middle of the offseason, with the draft and the bulk of free agency behind us. The Washington Football Team is shaping up...and it is shaping up nicely y'all. Just about no matter where you look, this team is better. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room to improve in most places, but it does allow us to break down the rebuild a little and...dare to dream.

Tonight is a night to celebrate the new mix of talent and personalities we’ll get to watch this coming season, as well as discuss the somewhat ridiculous idea that Ron Rivera is going to overturn this boat he is in the middle of building to add a quarterback who has openly considered retirement and will cost him the very resources he is looking to use to feather his nest. It begs the question: Is the WFT in a position to push their pile of chips into the middle of the table? I honestly don’t know, but we’re going to talk it out on tonight’s episode of Thank God It’s Tuesday, the official Washington Football Team podcast of Hogs Haven.

We’re live (at 8:30 PM EST)...join us and subscribe for free!