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Washington Roster Moves: Thaddeus Moss, Caleb Brantley, and 3 others released

Bye Thad!

Washington officially released 5 players today. Their roster was at 84 players, and their is a 90-man limit for the offseason. The NFL draft is 20 days away and Washington currently has 8 picks this year, and will likely be adding more undrafted players to the team. Today's move is another bottom of the roster move that will continue up to and after the draft.

The name that will get the most attention on this list is TE Thaddeus Moss, the son of NFL legend Randy Moss. He played on the National Champion LSU team from 2019, and had some hype after being drafted. That hype quickly faded when there wasn't much positive to report out of camp, and a nagging injury kept him off the field.

Moss fans had hoped that he would come back strong this year, and earn a spot on a team that needs another TE or two. That's not happening, and Moss will have the opportunity to make his NFL debut somewhere else.

Caleb Brantley was on of two Washington Football Team players to opt out of the 2020 season. The DT with a lot of potential would have been a rotational backup on this roster, but won't get that chance for a coaching staff he hasn't played for. WR Emanuel Hall didn't get a chance to play for Ron Rivera and Scott Turner either last year after tearing his Achilles in an offseason workout. RBs Javon Leake and Michael Warren played a combined 8 snaps last year, and they were all on special teams.