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Limited edition Chase Young DROY and Alex Smith CPOY bobbleheads available for pre-order

Bobbleheads are here!

Washington Football Team v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Chase Young and Alex Smith were two of the biggest stories on the Washington Football Team last season. Young was the #2 overall pick and made an instant impact on the team and the NFL. He was named a captain during the season, and was a leader on and off the field. The Predator had a phenomenal season, and went on to win Defensive Rookie of the Year!

FOCO has made some great bobbleheads in the past and has made another one to commemorate Chase Young being named DROY. Young's bobblehead is a limited run of 199 and is available for pre-order here.

Chase Young DROY Bobblehead | FOCO $50

Another major story last year was the amazing return of Alex Smith. Washington's QB situation quickly changed after Dwayne Haskins Jr. was benched and Kyle Allen was injured. Alex Smith broke his leg over two years ago, and dealt with multiple surgeries and infections that threatened his leg and his life. Smith shocked a lot of people by not only making the team last year, but also leading the team to a 5-1 record as a starter. Washington won the division, and Smith won the NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award.

FOCO another bobblehead to commemorate Alex Smith being named CPOY. Smith’s bobblehead is a limited run of 111 and is available for pre-order here.

Alex Smith CPOY bobblehead | FOCO $50