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Ron Rivera/Martin Mayhew Presser: "We feel very confident and comfortable with the quarterbacks on our roster right now.”

Rivera and Mayhew talk about Washington's draft/free agency strategy

NFL - Washington Football Team at New York Giants Photo by Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Current Quarterbacks:

Drafting a QB:

QBs with limited playing time:

Drafting players that opted out/COVID-19:

Voluntary OTAs:

Trading up/down:

Drafting LBs:

Sammis Reyes:

Landon Collins:

Free agency:

“I think what our front office did and what we were able to do in free agency really helped us,” Rivera said during a Zoom media session on Friday. “I think we freed ourselves up because of what they did.”

“I think [front office executives] Martin [Mayhew] and Marty [Hurney] and their guys really helped put us in a position where we’ve got to really look at drafting best player available, but always keeping in mind what we feel the true need is,” Rivera said.