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Pig Pen Podcast: Things falling our way

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NCAA Football: Penn State at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

There are few things more innocently, annoying in life than eating at a wobbly table. Everything looks good from afar but the moment you sit down and place one arm on the table it wobbles that direction. Everything else about the meal can be perfect, but that damn table really messes everything up.

For the Washington Football Team, that wobbly table is the linebacker position. Defensive line? fantastic; corners? really solid; safeties? surprisingly impressive; linebackers?....there goes the table wobbling.

Off-seasons in the NFL can be filled with uncertainty, but one thing that is a 100% certainty is Washington addressing the linebacker position this offseason.

My gut tells me to go get Micah Parsons in the NFL draft. Will Parsons fall to No. 19? Absolutely not. Will Parsons fall outside of the top 10? While not guaranteed, that’s much more likely.

If by some stroke of luck Parsons falls past the New York Giants at No. 11, Washington needs to go get him.

In this episode of the Pig Pen Podcast I detail how to pair Parsons with another linebacker through free agency. But first I share why my biggest nightmares are becoming a reality at the quarterback position.

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