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Daily Slop: Washington Football Media Links Roundup

A daily collection of articles from around the web

New York Giants v Washington Football Team Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images
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NFL considers using some of extra games in 17-game season for international play - The Washington Post
Under a plan being considered by the league, four of the additional games in a 17-game season would be used annually for international play beginning in 2022.

Jennifer King believes there will be more coaching opportunities for women | RSN
The barrier-breaking football coach knows there will be more chances for others to do the same in the future.

Washington enters 2021 with one of the league's toughest, and easiest, schedules | Professional Sports |
Washington is the only team in the NFL that will play all four teams still remaining in the playoffs next year.

Ryan Fitzpatrick and Curtis Samuel are already linking up in Madden 21 | RSN
Anto Garabet, host of Washington Football's gaming series "The Lab," gives us sneak peak of the Fitzpatrick-Samuel partnership.

2021 NFL Draft: How do Friday's two trades impact Washington? | RSN
Major trades were made on Friday between four clubs in the top 12, shaking up the draft order. Here's how they impact Washington.

Eagles-Dolphins deal was possible thanks to Philly's odd finale vs. Washington | RSN
The Eagles and Dolphins made a notable trade of draft picks on Friday, and that deal probably wouldn't have happened without Philly's loss to Washington to end their 2020 season.

This should be Washington's best group of receivers since the 2016 season | RSN
With Adam Humphries now on the roster along with Curtis Samuel and Terry McLaurin, the Washington Football Team is set to roll out its best group of receivers in half a decade.

How new wide receiver Curtis Samuel fits into Washington’s offense - The Washington Post
The 24-year-old Samuel brings lots of versatility to Scott Turner's offense, with the ability to line up as an outside receiver, in the slot or in the backfield.

President's Brief: Rebrand Edition -- Setting The Record Straight
I'm picking up the pen once again to give you biweekly updates on our rebranding process.

Washington GM Martin Mayhew believes Logan Thomas has more potential to unlock | RSN
During an interview at Virginia Tech's Pro Day, Washington GM Martin Mayhew was asked about the ex-Hokies who are on the Burgundy and Gold. His answer on Logan Thomas stood out.

5 Things To Know About WR Adam Humphries
The Washington Football team signed former Tennessee Titans wide receiver Adam Humphries, further bolstering the team's wide receiver corps. Here are five things to know about team's newest offensive weapon.

Need For Speed: Samuel, McLaurin Bring Burner Element To Washington's Reworked Offense
The former Ohio State duo plans to run away from defenders and dance in the end zone this fall.

5 Things To Know About CB Darryl Roberts
The 30-year-old, do-it-all defender will provide Washington with depth and experience in the secondary.