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Rile’d Up: Patience Looks Good on Washington

Ron Rivera’s Free Agency Decisions Prove Patience is Key

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NFL: Carolina Panthers at Washington Football Team Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The addition of Ryan Fitzpatrick, Curtis Samuel, and William Jackson lll in Washington, shows just how great it is to be patient.

Washington Football Team Head coach Ron Rivera stressed his desire to take his time and show poise in building up this team. While many fans and analysts tend to want the “big ticket” players in drafts and free agency, there is nothing wrong with weeding through the crowd to find the right fit for a growing franchise.

On this episode of Rile’d Up, Tiffany and Allana were joined by Matt Holmes of the Los Angeles Lakers Media Relations department and NFL Media. The trio discussed the latest additions and resigning players in Washington, and how this team can build off of last season’s plus sides.

Ryan Fitzpatrick comes to Washington a journeyman with a proven history of breakout seasons and excellent press. The type of press that would do Washington some serious good after the woes the franchise has experienced in the last couple of years.

With Dak Prescott resigning in Dallas, Tiffany, Allana, and Matt are like coach Rivera, looking for this team to be as accurate as possible in order to maintain momentum in the NFC East. They discuss the changes in the division and potential challenges for the first-place team in the upcoming season.

Washington’s defense is taking great shape and buzzing off of last season, and that leaves the biggest needs on the offensive side of the ball. The gang discussed the potential of a Terry McLaurin and Curtis Samuel tandem, as well as potential running back additions.

We at Rile’d Up would like for you to comment below, who you would like to sign with Washington.

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