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Can Dylan Moses lead Washington to the promised land?

Hogs Haven takes a look at 2021 NFL Draft prospects that could contribute to the WFT

College Football Playoff Semifinal - Notre Dame vs Alabama Photo by UA Athletics/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

Dylan Moses, LB

School: University of Alabama | Conference: SEC

College Experience: Senior | Age: 22

Height / Weight: 6’3” / 240 lbs

Projected Draft Status: 2nd-3rd Round

Player Comparison: Darius Leonard

College Statistics

Player Overview

From a young age, a lot has been expected of Dylan Moses. His father groomed his son to be a football player with the hopes he’d get a scholarship to college and make it to the NFL. He received offers from both LSU and Alabama . . . in the eighth grade. Many people saw Moses as a first-round prospect like many previous Alabama linebackers until he tore his ACL and missed his junior season. Moses admitted that he considered quitting football as he struggled through his recovery, whether there would be a season, and the loss of his grandmother. With encouragement from his family, he persevered though pain to play his senior year. Although Moses said he played through pain every game, his leadership on defense helped the team win the National Championship. He ended his career with First-Team all-SEC and Third-Team All-American honors.


  • Quarterback of Alabama’s defense whose leadership was seen as elevating the play of teammates
  • Excels at reading and reacting to the action in front of him
  • Great speed especially when coming downhill to make plays in the backfield
  • Played man and zone coverages well


  • Would like to see him use his hands better to disengage from blockers
  • Got manhandled by blockers on occasion; needs to play stronger at point of attack
  • Needs to consistently wrap up when making tackles

Let’s See His Work

How He Fits On The Team

I had high hopes for what Dylan Moses would show on tape. But watching him, I came away underwhelmed. Some of that I’m sure is due to returning from a significant injury and playing through pain, but it’s hard to know just how much is based on that. I watched some of his games and highlights from prior to his injury. It was better, but wasn’t a night and day difference. Losing a season to injury and playing through an atypical 2020 season worked against Moses. Once he’s completely healthy and in a more stable situation, I think he will get better and actually achieve the ceiling many predicted for him prior to his injury.

Although he’s versatile, Moses’s best fit in Washington is at MLB. I think he can provide about the same level of play as Jon Bostic, and when fully healed, can be a better player. I think the defensive line is good enough that it will allow him to do what he does best: Read and react to the action in front of him. I’m confident he will be able to learn the defense and align players as he did at Alabama. If he’s not ready to call the defense, with his length and athleticism, he could also get on the field at another LB position. For me, Moses is a MLB and the sooner he can play at that position, the sooner he’ll reach his potential.