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Washington Roster Moves: Danny Johnson and Jared Norris re-signed

Two defenders return

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Football Team Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Danny Johnson contract details:

Two of Washington’s core special teams players from last season are officially returning. The signing of Danny Johnson was reported last Thursday, the day after NFL free agency officially kicked off. Johnson was a restricted free agent, but the team didn’t tender him which allowed him to hit free agency. Johnson was expected to return at a deal lower than the $2.13 million the tender would have paid him.

Danny Johnson is a backup CB, but is an important player on special teams. He played the most snaps of any of the DBs on the team(235, 54%). He returned 26 kicks last season and had a 22 yard per return average. Johnson didn’t play any snaps on defense, but can also provide depth there.

The Washington Football Team also re-signed LB Jared Norris in a move that was expected to happen, but hadn’t been reported. Norris following Ron Rivera and crew here from the Carolina Panthers, and secured a spot on special teams. He played the third-most snaps on special team from the LB group(183, 42.1%). Norris played 8 snaps on defense, but is being brought back for his STs play this year.