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Martin Mayhew and Marty Hurney introductory pressers: “You don’t want to mortgage your future”

Welcome to the Marty Party!

Detroit Lions 2011 Headshots Photo by NFL via Getty Images

Ron Rivera


Eric Stokes promotion:

Martin Mayhew and Marty Hurney

QB Situation:

Franchise QB:

Scouting QBs:

Coming back to Washington:

On the cusp of something special:

Executives on the same page:

Washington’s new power structure:

Coach-centric organization with Ron Rivera:

Changing the culture:

Finding a QB:

Alex Smith:

Matthew Stafford trade:

Dream job:

Building a Super Bowl team:

Senior Bowl:

Front office changes:

Local restaurants:

Hiring both Martys:


Untouchable players in a possible trade:

Discussing trades:

Earning your opportunity in the NFL:

Kyle Allen:

Providing protection and weapons for your QB:

Flexibility at QB:

Dan Snyder:

Washington’s defense:

Cam Newton:

Brandon Scherff:

Rob Rogers:

Moving on from Kyle Smith: