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Scott Turner Presser: Taylor Heinicke is our QB, but obviously anything can happen

Scott Turner, Jack Del Rio and players talk to the media

Washington Football Team v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Tafoya/Getty Images

Injury updates:

Jack Del Rio

Missing Jamin Davis/Cole Holcomb last week:

Eagles offense:

Scott Turner

Dyami Brown:

Terry McLaurin:

WRs being used in the backfield:

“Yeah, those are interesting stuff. You look at that (and) Curtis [Samuel] has some background doing it because he was a little bit of a back at Ohio state. We handed him the ball in the Raider game right before the game winning touchdown if you remember that. The thing with a guy like Deebo Samuel and the guys that they do that with – Cordarrelle [Patterson]. When you do it consistently, like the pounding that body type has to take. Those are the types of things where like with Terry, it’s that line. We want to give him the ball, but we don’t want to just give him the ball just for the sake of doing it and have him take unnecessary hits to wear him down. Where Terry’s gonna be valuable for us and is valuable for us is as a receiver and winning on routes down the field. We gotta do a great job of getting him the ball on those types of things. Terry doesn’t necessarily have the background that some of those other guys have. That’s not really necessarily his skillset. Yeah, he can get the ball and he’s great in the yards after catch, but there’s a lot of training that goes into playing running back. Like you said, Curtis did it and Antonio [Gibson] has become a running back. Those are definitely things you’d look to do with guys that have those types of skillsets.”

John Bates:

Sammis Reyes:


Taylor Heinicke:

“I just think to be perfectly honest, I think that you guys maybe think more about that than we do. We’re in the course of the season and I’m not like really worried about being on like a debate show about is this guy a franchise quarterback? I’m more so just trying to get ready to go play a game and go give our best chance to win. I don’t think anybody feels good about our performances, over the last three weeks, we gotta play better at a lot of different spots. Taylor is part of that and he understands that and he’s working hard to do whatever he can to help us. I think those conversations, the things that you’re talking about, those are things that we’ll have as a franchise when we get to the off season. But as of right now, I got confidence in Taylor. He knows that and we’re ready to go. We’re getting ready to go play against Eagles.”

Kyle Allen


Jaret Patterson

Getting carries:

Cornelius Lucas


Jonathan Allen

Fight with Daron Payne: