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Caption it Contest! Fan denies the FedEx Leap


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Winning entry; Everyone knows I'm a sucker for a Bruce Allen quote. And this classic was so good we made a shirt for it with BreakingT years ago. Jaygo is the winner, and will receive the hoodie of their choice!

It's been a while since we've done a Caption it Contest here at Hogs Haven. They were a staple when Kevin Ewoldt was here to provide some comic relief during some very miserable seasons as a fab. I even won some RGIII draft day socks that still tell me to live my dream In one!

Our good friends at BreakingT offered up a hoodie of the winners choice for any contest I'd like to run as we enter the holiday season. After watching this Monday night's win over the Seahawks I was inspired by Washington's #1 fan that night.

When TE Gerald Everett scored Seattle's first/only TD of the night, he made the poor decision to try to leap the barrier in the end zone. The problem was he chose to leap into a group of Washington fans, and the gentleman wearing the #52 jersey wasn't having any of that in his team's stadium.

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Ron Rivera was asked if he planned on signing the fan to a 1-day contract:

“Well, it would be a hit against the salary cap, so there won’t be a contract coming [laughs]. What I did like was his hand placement, nice and tight on the inside and just a little shove, keep protecting his part of the stadium. Appreciate that from our fans. Just gotta be careful, so nobody gets hurt."

The contest rules are simple. Come up with a caption and post it in the comments. I will look at likes on the entries, but the decision will solely be mine and judged by cleverness and/or making me laugh. I'll keep the contest open until next Friday and then announce the winner who will receive their choice of any hoodie currently being sold by BreakingT. Good luck!

Washington Hoodie Collection | BreakingT