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Washington Football Team Vs. Dallas Cowboys (Game Two) - Studs and Duds

NFL: Washington Football Team at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I didn’t realize Mercer played Alabama twice this season. That WAS what we were watching last night, right?

56-14!…and Dallas could have easily scored 70!!!

At least we should have some comic relief this week during pressers and what some may call “practice”.

Oh well, why belabor this any more - on to the draft… I mean, Studs and Duds, followed by some notes.


Tress Way - Way averaged 51 yards per punt on six attempts with a long of 56 yards.

John Bates - For showing something that almost none of the team did on the evening; a little fight (well, besides Allen and Payne I suppose).


Daron Payne/Jonathan Allen - Any way you want to spin it, the fight between these two on the sidelines was unacceptable. The one thing I will say, however, is Payne should have NEVER touched another man in the face. I can’t blame Allen for hitting him, as you just don’t touch another man like that I would have swung at him too.

Aside from that, the moment that happened on the benches last night in Dallas sums this franchise up quite perfectly - total embarrassment both on and OFF the field.

Taylor Heinicke - If you didn’t know before, it should be PAINFULLY obvious to you…FINALLY! This guy is not an NFL starter! There was a reason he was sitting on his sister’s couch last year until November. There was a reason he couldn’t earn a starting position on an XFL franchise. I don’t want to hear anymore of this “he just needs a chance” BS, or he can be a bridge quarterback for a drafted rookie next year. No - just NO!

The first interception was a microcosm of his time here - open receiver, had his defender stacked, underthrown and poorly placed football to our star receiver…interception!

I’ve seen all I need to see! And, by the way - Kyle Allen is better.

The Offensive Line - EVERYONE on this unit was absolutely abysmal. EVERYONE! They were a human sieves. Traffic cones would have done a better job!

The Linebackers - I don’t think I’ve ever seen a collective group play that bad in decades! David Mayo and Jordan Kunaszyk have no business ever seeing playing time on anything other than special teams work. I would have rather seen Troy Apke and Derrick Forrest at linebacker! Hell, I would have give a two-dollar bill to see Rivera and Del Rio suite up!

The Secondary - The defensive backs couldn’t cover a 90 year old in a Jazzy (or a 300+ pound lineman for that matter)! Dak could have easily thrown for 500+ yards without blinking an eye against this group.

The Coaching Staff - Look, I get we are a walking MASH unit. I understand we are beaten up both physically and mentally on both sides of the football, but to come out and preform that way on a nationally televised game in prime time is unacceptable at every level.

- Kyle Allen is not the answer at quarterback - I think we all probably know that; but he’s better than Heinicke. I don’t want to hear anymore of the bull - he’s better, and it’s evident when the football leaves his hand on a pass!

- It’s so sad to watch Terry McLaurin’s talents be wasted on this team. I wouldn’t blame him at all if he played out his contract and left for greener pastures.

- Dyami Brown finally showed a little of why we drafted him in round three of the 2021 NFL Draft last night. His high-point catch on a Heinicke lollipop into double coverage was impressive!

- I feel bad for Kam Curl. He’s out there playing his ass off, and those around him just don’t do their jobs, or don’t have his ability.

- Jeremy Reaves plays hard…I’ll give him that, but he’s not very good in coverage. Last week against Philly, Pro Football Focus had him as the lowest graded starter. I don’t know how this week will turn out, but I have to believe his coverage grade will be pretty bad.

- I’m really looking forward to getting a true free safety. We’ve needed one for decades! It’s become more painfully obvious than ever. It will be good to see Bobby McCain somewhere else in 2022.

- I think we can all see why Patterson went undrafted. He’s missed at least three open holes that I counted when he was in the game, and although the effort may be there, he’s a poor blocker.

- Why didn’t Troy Apke see some more time at corner???