The WFT made a huge blunder not taking a developmental QB after the 1st round this year.

It is looking like Mac Jones had the best rookie QB season. Houston's Davis Mills probably played the second best at least on paper with his big win today against the Chargers. I have huge hope for Trevor Lawrence and Trey Lance. I am not saying Mills will be on that level but he is a polished QB right now ready to compete.

I was banging the drum last year before the draft for someone like Kyle Trask.

My quote - "Feel like the WFT should take a flyer on a QB in the later rounds. So that probably means someone like Trask or Mond. But if they can get Lance somehow and let him sit for 1-2 seasons, then that would be great."

Trask was No. 4 on my list overall. But Davis Mills was also on my radar at No. 7. I whiffed on Mac Jones ranking him so low. And I ranked Zach Wilson way too high at No. 3.

I want Heinicke on this roster somehow next season as either a high priced backup or spot starter. But it would have been nice to turn to someone like Davis Mills or Kyle Trask in a pinch.

Covid and the extra game added has shown you NEED depth at all positions. Gone are the days where a QB will play all 17 games probably. You need 2-3 starting level QBs on your roster.