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Ron Rivera Presser: Taylor Heinicke looked good today and players gravitated towards him

Ron Rivera speaks to the media after today's practice

Injury report:

Avoidable hit on Daniel Wise:

“I think it was avoidable as well. I mean, what you’re really doing on the backside is you’re just trying to slow that man down as much as you’re trying to block him because you just don’t want him to catch it from behind. That’s the hard part on that is because a lot of times that’s a 285 pound defensive end coming off the edge, and that’s a 250 pound tight end, so you can avoid those things. I think most certainly, it’s something that maybe the League we need to look at because it happens a lot and it’s unfortunate. You like to do things to prevent those types of injuries, especially to keep players in this league.”

Reviewing hits like that with the NFL Competition Committee:

“Absolutely. I think that player safety is a must. I was fortunate to have played this game and that’s how I’ve always felt about it is if there’s a way to make it better, a way to make it safer, we can do so. It’s funny because sometimes I think we go almost to the extreme when we don’t need to. And in other cases I don’t think we do enough. But again, it’s really about being able to truly say, ‘Hey, this is really for the betterment of the game and for the protection of the players.’ That’s important to me. That’s an important statement.”

Taylor Heinicke:

Wide receivers:


Coaches still in COVID-19 protocols:

Cole Holcomb replacement:

Kendall Fuller:

Nick Sirianni:

Jonathan Allen

Pro Bowl:


Mistakes vs the Eagles:

Sam Cosmi

Getting back on the field:

Taylor Heinicke:

Taylor Heinicke


Preparing for the Cowboys:

Garrett Gilbert:


Studying the Eagles game: