What now?

Bill and a lot of the great staff here at HH appear poised to hang into hope. I am not blessed with their faithful fortitude. So looking ahead, I am starting to put together a plan. We need a ton of things and depth. Especially with this damned Covid. If there was anything I’d want to kick the shit out of other than a bigger Danny (I’m not a bully), it would be this f-king, bulls-t virus. I’d also love for these old wind bags who suck our money dry to retire and disappear off the face of the Earth. Sorry, been a rough year…now take a breath, feel better? Good!!! I think despite our slow start, Ron has shown he can keep his team focused. He can overachieve with less, but it’s time to see what we can do. I kept Landon Collins, the guy used correctly can ball, and his contract isn’t as bad now as it was. I signed Marcus Marriotta (spelling), Marcus Williams, Connor (G), Connor (RB), JuJu (WR), resigned Leno and Lucas, signed another DB, this one being NE DB JC Jackson, and after 53 in cap was left with a little under 30 to lock up guys. To the draft, I see us sitting at 8-10, and unless a top ED, OT, or FS falls, I’m trading back. My trade back came to Pitt for 17/49, my QB (Corral) was gone, my DBs gone, I took another, Jacksonville for three mid round picks starting with 33. Even at 33, Pickett was gone, and I took Baltimore up and moved back to 50 got a third and a future 3rd.

41. Brandon Smith PSU, LB

49. John Battle, Bama, FS

50. Sean Rhyan, UCLA, OT

65. Carson Strong, Nevada, QB

71. Jarrett Patterson, Norte Dame, C

74. Isaiah Spiller, TAM, RB

82. Mykael Wright, Oregon, DB

111. Isaiah Thomas, OU, ED

198. James Mitchell, VT, TE

230. Dale, Bama, DT, future 3rd BMore.

The best part about ALL of these rookies is they won’t be rushed into action other than at the LB position. Battle and Sean may be called into action. Wright and Spiller as well. Strong can sit, learn, and hone his craft behind Marcus and possibly Taylor. Patterson is depth and a really good C prospect imo. Mitchell is a joker TE and a sleeper. Thomas is an insurance policy we resign Sweat. He needs weights at this level. I would’ve liked to get more future draft capital, but some of these guys we’re steals. Maybe these trades don’t happen, but this is a solid value haul imo.