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Ron Rivera said Joey Slye will miss at least 3 weeks; scouts were looking for a new kicker at halftime

Time for another kicker in Washington

Seattle Seahawks v Washington Football Team Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

One position that can totally change a gameplan due to injury is kicker, and we saw that play out last night. Washington scored their first touchdown of the game and prepared to kick the extra point. The snap from rookie LS Camaron Cheeseman was high, and holder Tress Way pulled it down from his right shoulder. Joey Slye hit it low and it was blocked by Seattle. To make that worse, they were returning it for a potential 2 point score. Slye pursued the rumbling big man, but pulled up lame, and looked hurt. He was able to make the kickoff, but it was obvious that it was injured.

He was listed as questionable after the kickoff, and was seen on the sideline trying to work through the injury. He grabbed his leg after a few attempts, and the hamstring injury ended up shutting him down for the day. You can listen to Ron Rivera and punter Tress Way explain the process that followed to assess whether Way could fill in as kicker. That would have also involved backup QB Kyle Allen being the holder for lefty Tress Way. I highly recommend Way’s telling of the tale. That idea was quickly nixed, and Washington had to play the game with the intent of going for 2 points after TDs and going for it on 4th down whenever it was fesible.

Ron Rivera was on the Junkies this morning for his weekly radio appearance and was asked about Joey Slye’s injury and Washington’s kicking situation. He said Slye will miss at least 3 weeks due to the hamstring injury. Rivera said he told his chief of staff while they were walking to the locker rooms at halftime to start looking for a new kicker. This will be Washington’s 4th kicker this season (unless they re-sign Chris Blewitt...). Washington had Eddie Pineiro on the practice squad earlier in the year, but he was released with an injury designation. Other options on the street include Josh Lambo, Cody Parkey, Kai Forbath, and Mike Nugent. There is also everyone’s favorite rookie kicker who is sitting on the Baltimore Ravens practice squad, Jake Verity.