Washington Football Team Capable of Going on Another Second Half Run - Ron Rivera

The Washington Football Team returns from its Week 9 bye with a 2-6 record, the same record the franchise had through eight matchups last season. How the team closed out Ron Rivera's inaugural year with the side is well documented.

Yet, unlike last year, there isn't a divisional race at stake to the NFC East side who has struggled the least this term. Currently, Dallas has a four-match advantage over the Burgundy and Gold and an additional three-match lead over the Giants and Eagles, with several best Australian online casinos being the spectators. Even if the Washington Football team were to emerge victorious in its last nine matchups, there's a possibility that still wouldn't be enough for the division title.

Despite the odds being against them moving forward, Ron Rivera feels his side is good enough going on another run to end the 2021 campaign -- even if it doesn't result in a division title or playoff place.

Rivera told NBC Sports Washington's JP Finlay, "Absolutely I can, that's one thing, to me, that you always look for."

During Rivera's time in Carolina, his Panther's sides usually end the campaign a lot stronger than they started it. In his nine years stint with Carolina, the coach posted a 30-31-1 record through his side's first seven matchups. But from Week 8, Rivera's Panther sides finished 48-36.

That record trend continued in 2020 in Ron Rivera's inaugural year with Washington Football Team, as his side went 5-4 over the team's final nine matches, including a four-game winning run, and beat the Eagles in Week 17 to secure the franchise's first division title in five years, with support coming from jeux casino argent reel.

Looking at his present side, the head coach sees "a lot of similarities" to the teams he's previously coached that have ended the year in a strong manner.

Rivera said, "A lot of things that I went through my first few years, I see a lot of similarities. I saw a lot of similarities to what happened to us last season in terms of playing well at the end, which is what we did my first year, my second year we had a few setbacks, had some things went awry. We had some key injuries. We had a kicking problem. But we turned it around and [won] five of our last six games. I'm hoping to see the same type of trend here now, just because of how the guys have played the last few weeks.

"Unfortunately, we haven't scored the points we've needed to when we got to the red zone," Rivera said. "And unfortunately, we haven't won. But I do see reasons to be optimistic towards our growth and development."

This season, Ron Rivera's team has greatly struggled to handle adversity when faced with it, something the coach said he was worried about entering the campaign.

Rivera said, "My concern coming into this year was our maturity level, had we learned? Had we grown? Had we understood what it is that we have to do to give ourselves the opportunity to win, to be successful? The thing that I've noticed is handling adversity is one thing we haven't been really good at. Something bad happens in the game, we've got to step up, we have to stop it and turn the tide and take advantage."