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WFT Vs. Bucs - Tyler’s Take

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Football Team Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I always enjoy digging through film after a Washington win versus a loss. This film breakdown was much more enjoyable because of this - and the fact that this was our first complete game of the season in all three aspects of the game; offense, defense and special teams.

Hope you enjoy...

Taylor Heinicke

Taylor Heinicke has played two of his best NFL games against Bruce Ariens...

Heck of a throw here by Heinicke to Carter for the TD! Puts it in a perfect spot just out of reach of the defender, where only Carter had a chance at the reception.

No one will argue that Taylor throws better on the run than from a clean pocket, and I know we can’t run bootlegs to his right all game long, but I WOULD like to see more of a moving pocket.

I wished Taylor would have taken what the defense gave him here - which was both the RB and TE leaking out to the right flat. However, this is a ball that McLaurin rarely drops.

Taylor played a good game Sunday, but you’re always going to get a few throws like these.

Not loving this throw. It’s late and lacks ZIP. Could have been picked.

Antonio Gibson

Great release and separation here by Gibby on the slant!

Offensive Line

The big fellas doing work!

Our offensive line had some bright spots, and some not-so-bright ones. This was the latter...

Brandon Scherff doing Brandon Scherff-Like things!

Scherff is just a mauler when he gets his hands on guys.

Larsen and Flowers had a rather rough afternoon.

There is a HUGE drop-off between Chase Roullier and Tyler Larsen at center.

Ereck Flowers has played well this year, but Sunday wasn’t his best effort.

Jonathan Allen

I originally had Jonathan Allen on my Studs list yesterday, but decided to remove him and add him to the “notes”... I made a mistake

Sometimes guys get complacent when they sign big new contract, but not Allen. There is no getting fat and happy with this man!

Here you see him bench press the offensive lineman, locate the footbal, shed and make the play.

For those out there that believe sacks are the only measure of a defensive lineman’s game...

Jamin Davis

PFF didn’t think too highly of the rookie LB, but I saw him make some nice plays. This was one of them.

Kendall Fuller

After a rough start to the season, Fuller has looked better over his last two games.

Fuller had a very solid game when it came to open-field tackling.

Kam Curl

Curl with the big play here, causing the INT!