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Ron Rivera Presser: Washington defeats the Buccaneers 29-19

Ron Rivera speaks to the media after today’s win

Chase Young:

Scott Turner:

Defensive Line:


Backup DEs:

Bobby McCain:

Kamren Curl:

Something to build on:

2 point conversion kneel:

Incremental improvement:

4th down plays:

Terry McLaurin

Final drive:

Hittin hittin:


Game ended in our hands:

Playing 4 quarters:

Chase Young:

Taylor Heinicke

Great win:

Hand injury:

Final drive:

Dream come true:

Cam Newton:

Bobby McCain


Chase Young:

3rd down:


Wanted to win more than they did:

Tampa taking the ball to start the game:

DeAndre Carter

What felt different today:

Final drive:

Cornelius Lucas

Final drive:

Kamren Curl

Chase Young:

Antonio Gibson