QB is an issue, but it’s far from the reason

This season has ripped open the curtains of the hauntingly beautiful, seduction of the hype, and revealed a big steaming pile of…reality. Ron is not the savior, his three GMs are not the three wise men, Tanya isn’t the Virgin Mary, and Danny surely isn’t Joseph. It’s clear because their off spring isn’t a savior, doesn’t do good things, say wise things, while performing mind blowing miracles. Ron isn’t raising Lazarus, he IS Lazarus. And this franchise needs a miracle. That miracle could’ve been the sex scandal that has rocked this very regime. People like Danny are cowards who surround themselves with yes men. As I’ve watched this season, I see many of the same characteristics in Ron. He brought over his coaching staff, now he’s assembled his FO. Ron has total control he says. Th prophecy was written in the headlines. Ron signs Blewitt. Ron’s signs blew it. Samuels is hurt, Jackson isn’t good, Fitz needs a hip replacement, McCain is a bum. What the hell happened? Ron’s only voice of opposition in the room left, and went to Atlanta. There is some silver lining….Danny did stop trying to meddle…so far.

Speaking of Danny no coach has had a winning record (except Norv) with this guy. Gibbs was under .500. The list of HCs are Norv (the ONLY coach with a winning record), Marty (the ONLY coach with a .500 record), Steve, Jim, Mike, Joe, Jay, and Ronny. Of that list, I see ONE good coach and a couple of decent coaches…the rest, well the results speak for themselves. When it all comes down to it, if your leadership stinks, it doesn’t matter who your players are. Danny is a billionaire, he can’t be dumb, right? I can’t figure that one out. But, it should give us all hope. Because if this little turd shard can become rich enough to buy a team, anyone can!

All year I’ve read blogs saying ALL we need is a QB, let’s take the best one available with our first round pick (likely early) but haven’t we done this before? Our most recent successful QB was drafted in the same draft and sat behind as that early pick faltered. We didn’t handle the situation well, but the fault was on both sides. The QB is most definitely part of the problem. The defense isn’t helping, the coaching isn’t good, the culture stinks, and we still have the owner who is the root cause. We don’t exactly have studs lined up on the OL either. Brandon wants way too much money, and we just don’t really have any stables there long term.

Ive read that some don’t want this team to tank. I get it too! But we need to be what we are, a bad football team. Too long this team has sought morale victories over accepting the truth. We stink, we belong at the top of the draft. We should retain more draft capital until this team is properly built and structured. If a QB comes so be it, if not, we keep building. A top pick should NEVER be a reach. We did this with Haskins. I don’t care what angry fans say, I care about results. History suggest that to get where we need to be, is to build Thur the draft from the inside out. Retain who we can, trade off who we can’t before we can’t get much more than a comp pick if we don’t sign a guy to replace them.

The fact is we need a new owner, a good FO, and a good coaching staff before ANY player. Until this happens, we will be here bickering over what our issues are. Our issues start at the top….and until that changes, we will be at the bottom.