Should we take a QB next year?

Obviously, this is a loaded question with many ifs. If we totally tank this year, and that guy is there, yes! But what if a trade comes up. A treasure chest full of picks, and we can continue to build solid prospects around what we have with Taylor having to fend off yet another stop gap competition in camp. Let’s just say, we move back, pick up a future first, pick up an extra second, and still get a decent shot at landing a top OT, LB, S, DB, TE (wouldn’t be my choice in first tho), or maybe even a dif QB prospect we can sit, what’s the choice? To me, I want the OL to be as complete as possible BEFOREwe install our young signal caller. Even better, I want an intact OL, and a sure thing in coaching staff to ensure this young signal caller is coming into a stable situation to succeed. Recently, just to see what’s there this year (waaaay too early but was curious) I went to PFN mock site. I traded out of first round because in this mock we were sitting high. I received a first, a second, a 19th, and a 44. I proceeded to trade out of the 19 because my guy Strong (my target) was gone. I made some other moves in the draft as well. Long sorry short these were my results:

37. Frere, OT OSU athletic big T. I read his scouting reports and he appears to have the tools to succeed. I pivoted because I gambled. I saw Strong was 28th prospect on the list. I figured at 19, I could get him. I was wrong. So ultimately, I decided to fix the OL and the defense as best as I could according to draft board (KSGM would hate this draft lol).

42. Overshown, LB, Texas. 6-4 with athletics…appears to be what we need at LB.

51. Cross, OT MSU another good T prospect. Why another T? One he was graded higher than where he fell, two, we need a LT. One of these guys should hopefully fill the role while the loser can try to replace Brandon. Plain and simple, I hedged my bet.

74. Smith, S GA a fast instinctual S that hopefully can give us a ball hawk back there.

88. Munford, G OSU another body to throw at the OL at very least a nice prospect to come along in the future maybe.

I want to say from here on out, I had limited scouting reports to go off of.

107. Kuithe, TE Utah said he didn’t drop a pass. Have no read on his athletics but you get the idea. I am addressing needs not BPA (although he was at top of available)

112. Banks, CB OSU said he had speed and was physical, didn’t list his height tho. We need another DB for depth, I’m hoping he can fill slot or outside somewhere down the line.

189. Pudry QB Iowa State, a prospect to bring along slow and maybe fill a gadget type goalie package. I don’t know if he’s the answer but I took a stab.

230. Jones, LB a blind grab at top of board of available no scouting what so ever.

1st LAC 23

2 LAC 23

3 Buf 23

3 Denver 23

My point being this. A lot of us want things to fall into place rather quickly. Sometimes things don’t happen that way. I could’ve taken a stab at a QB early but I didn’t. I am no scout, no DPP, no GM. But I liked Strong and thought I could move back and still be able to get him. It didn’t happen. This was my pivot. I felt this year, we made some mistakes. We tagged Brandon, we didn’t address LB. We may have swung and missed on DB, and we didnt address S. I’m hoping at very least this will help us for when we do land a guy. Who knows, maybe Purdue is that guy. I don’t think we should say WB or else this year. Yes, it’s way too early for these discussions, but I can bet to our FO it’s not.