WFT Chiefs discuss plan to find a franchise quarterback

Barring last-minute changes, over the next eight weeks, the Washington Football Team will end the current season the same way it has been in for the better part of the last three decades: without a quarterback.

Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera has been on both sides of the spectrum. In Carolina, he had quarterback Cam Newton under center for 9 years. Newton led Carolina Panthers to 4 NFC South titles and an appearance in the Super Bowl in 2015, the same season he bagged league MVP, which was covered with odds from

But since Ron Rivera took over as boss of the Washington Football Team last winter, he's seen his team let go of five quarterbacks in over two dozen matches. That's not a recipe for victories at the highest level of the sport.

Ron Rivera knows first-hand how crucial having a quarterback is at the franchise. The head coach on Tuesday confirmed the team is "constantly" seeking to find a quarterback.

Rivera said, "It's something you always talk about. Until you get one, you're always going to be looking."

"You're wondering if anyone on the current roster is capable of developing. Is there a guy that's going to be out there in free agency? Is there a guy in the draft we could do something for to get? Absolutely, we're always talking about it."

In several other cases, teams find their franchise quarterbacks through the picks. Tom Brady joining Tampa Bay was indeed an exception to the rule basically. Rarely do teams with franchise QBs let them leave.

Although this years’ NFL Draft is expected to produce a weak quarterback class when put side by side with the past couple of years, Ron Rivera and his technical crew are doing a lot of work on the group. Each week, the coach gets a report of how the top quarterbacks performed in all of college football.

A week ago, as Tua Tagovailoa transfer speculations swirled, reports emanated that the Washington Football team was keen on the Dolphins quarterback relatively because the franchise isn't sold on this years’ draft class. The head coach was asked his thought on those rumors and said he hopes they keep coming out, even though they are untrue.

He said, "That's great. I hope everybody keeps reporting that, then everybody will think 'well, they don't need a franchise quarterback, so they won't worry about it in the draft.’... There are [college] quarterbacks we like, there are quarterbacks in the NFL we like. Again, you have to go through this process."

In last years’ NFL Draft, the Washington football team had the opportunity to step up in the first round and pick a quarterback. But while the teams’ head coach and his technical crew were high on a few of the draft class' brilliant quarterbacks, Rivera ultimately felt they could not mortgage the future of the team by parting with assets and future draft capital to climb up.

Rivera said via blackjack en ligne, "When we were looking at the draft last year, there were a couple of guys we really liked and people wanted us to mortgage the future. We just felt we couldn't do it at this point. If you mortgage the future but you don't have anybody around him to protect him, then what the heck?"