Roger the dodger

Dan was held accountable? Really Roger? You suspend players for life depriving them of millions for smoking weed, but Danny, a billionaire, gets a ten million dollar fine, not personally, but to the team. Danny hasn’t been nvolved with the team for four months? Isn’t his wife CEO? Roger are you dumb? Wasn’t he looking at stadiums with his latest puppet Jason Wrong? How about that Taylor celebration? With the photo of his street in front of the portable toilets? Or instructing the Mahomes reject to stand on the memorial where he did one of the shittiest dances of the year? No Roger, Danny hasn’t been held accountable for what he’s done a day in his life! He’s destroyed a great franchise, corrupted a great culture, made a circus of clowns to be the bag men, so he isn’t held accountable! And you sir, are part of the damned problem! Go away, and take Danny with you!