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Thank God It’s Tuesday—But Wait...There’s MORE!!

Kevin, Tim and Ken cover DC’s home team on—and off—the gridiron as the 2021 season quickly slips away.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Washington Football Team Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports 2-5, the 2021 season that we hoped for ain’t transpiring. The Washington Football Team continues to find ways to lose—both games and fans. But wait...there’s more!

The off-the-field stuff just keeps feeling awful, but in just one week since we drew the 679th line in the sand (super feng shui), we have been joined in our fight by Congress!! And they TOTALLY know how to get stuff done!!!

Alright...maybe we’re just delaying the inevitable, which is the world watching Dan Snyder continuing to get away with killing the sport of football for us. Unless...

Maybe Tuesday isn’t about football...per se. Maybe Tuesday is more about having a chance to get quick glimpses of possibility through the thick velvet curtains of reality. Maybe Tuesday is about trying to find the world’s smallest silver lining...does Hubble make a microscope?

Maybe Tuesday is just about enjoying some whiskey.

And only talking about going forward. However slowly we seem to be doing so. Tonight’s question: is SEVEN wins this season moving any capacity at all? If so, how the hell can we get there? It sure isn’t possible without beating Denver on Sunday.

Thanks to all of you here at Hogs Haven, we have one of the best boards anywhere during the show, so please join in the conversation. We can still have some fun together...can’t we?

Hit the board on the show link and help us get this one done. All of this tonight on tonight’s episode of Thank God It’s Tuesday, the official Washington Football Team podcast of Hogs Haven.

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