Off season early look:

Resigns: Lucas, Leno cheap contracts as torch passers and place holders.

Cuts: Collins, no explanation needed

cap space, somewhere at 35-40 million

draft pick: probably around 11-12 ish

Free Agents:

A look at the early landscape would suggest Mitch Tribisky will be on market again. He’s worth a possible look. I’m not trying to bring in older retreads. If we suck, we suck, accept it because it’s all part of the process. I’m not trying to trade for older QBs surrendering valuable draft capital for a less than temporary fix, considering the price set will be far too high. Emmanuel Sanders is a guy to consider because he’s be less than pricey but could give us a legit threat. Marcus Williams at FS may be pricey, but he won’t be overly expensive (if he is, don’t do it). Lattimore is another Saints target, he may be pricey as well, but these two could shore up our secondary and allow us to severe ties with Fuller if need be. Saints have no cap. The LB crop this year is weak and I’d rather draft a guy and bank on improvement of Jamin and resigning of Cole. Terry is another guy I want to get locked up. Sweat is also a guy we should try to get signed. Going into draft we have clear needs at QB, LB, LT of future, and BPA of course.


I don’t feel comfortable taking any of the QBs first and I like some of the early prospects at LB and T. I’m going to try to move back gaining capital, and land all three. It may not work out lol. I start off in this mock (PFN) at 11, move back to 16 surrendering my 11/73 for 16/36. I then proceed to move back with Pitt for their 20/55, for my 16. Again, I am not confident to take any of these QBs in first round imo. There are plenty of decent options there to be had later. Now from here I’m going to stop detailing because it’s way too early.

36. Zion Nelson, T Miami FL, athletic, strong, plays LT. Young inexperienced which is why I kept two vet Ts. If he pans, we could have bookends. This will help!

55. Kenny Picket, QB Pitt….this guy is a risk….he’s experienced but needs to cut back on turnovers. He has ability to run.

57. Perrion Winfrey, DL, OU this guy can play along entire DL, a chess piece and too good of value to pass up here to me.

63. Owen Pappoe, LB, I missed my other targets, but he has improved every year and has the athletic profile to play NFL LB.

72. Josh Jobe, CB big talented DB. We need depth in the secondary. Especially on the boundary.

86. Ben Brown, OG, one of more experienced, versatile IOL in the draft. He also played T both sides in high school.

99. Erik Ezukanma, WR big, fast, athletic, a threat on all three levels.

110. Austin Stogner, TE reminds me of Ertz, just a big match up nightmare.

230. Austin Taylor, LB, he can cover….no clue why he’s ranked so low. Scares me maybe medical.

We may suck next year, Picket may not be the guy. I also picked up two future 2nds and a fourth, surrendering a 7th and 6th. I think that we can make a move next year if we think that WB is going to be there. To be clear the guys this year I think have a chance are Strong, Corral, Pickett, Slovis, and I’ve been looking at Kentucky’s Levis. I love Malik, he’s exciting but I am not sold on him. If Howell were to fall, I’d look at him. There’s a free other dark horses, but I made my pick based on board. This could be a nice bunch, or they could all suck. Who knows. This is what I would try to do.