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Thank God It’s Tuesday—The No Excuses Episode (Part 317)

Kevin, Tim and Ken cover DC’s home team on—and off—the gridiron as the 2021 season quickly slips away.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Washington Football Team Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Football Team continues to redefine what it means to insult a fanbase off the field, and underperform on it.

Given the turmoil that is both fresh and...not so fresh...surrounding this team, it is simply no surprise that the results on the field are so uninspiring. Yeah, it’s going to be that kind of episode tonight.

In terms of the game against the Kansas City Chiefs, the WFT could have won, yes. At one point. That point passed us by in the second quarter. The lack of capitalizing on opportunities that seemed to continue falling in our laps did us in before the first half was over. You just don’t get the best of Patrick Mahomes over the course of 60 minutes when you spend 30 of those minutes piddling away golden chances.

Tuesdays are too precious to let this stuff get us too far down though...there are some bright spots. The silver lining is there, irregardless of how thin it is.

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