Trade Deadline-Sellers

The trade deadline is coming up in a short few weeks. If Washington loses to Green Bay this weekend then their chances of earning a playoff/wildcard spot become extremely slim at 2-5. They need to strongly consider being sellers at the deadline to free up more cap space and accumulate draft assets.

I think there are 4 or 5 players who make a ton of sense to try to move if the deals present themselves.

1) Brandon Scherff- being on the second tag, the likelihood of resigning him becomes very slim. Schweitzer has been a fantastic replacement while Scherff has been out and the staff still has Charles in the waiting. Scherff would recoup a 3rd round compensatory pick in all likelihood. Getting a 3rd rounder or combo 4th/5th rounders would give us the asset a year early, free up cap space, and in a spot with a suitable back up. Plenty of teams need oline help like Pittsburgh, Cards, or Packers.

2) Daron Payne- this would be a tough loss as Payne is a very good player. But the odds are very high that he’s the odd man out when it comes to extensions on the d-line. He could fetch a 2nd rounder or combo of mid round picks. With the ravens looking like a force in the AFC, teams like the Chargers, Bills, Browns, and Chiefs need to gear up to stop the ravens come playoff time

3) Tim Settle-Similar to Payne, Settle should be worth a mid round pick. He’s a player who’s a free agent and likely won’t be retained due to the crowded DT spot

4) Kendall Fuller-Fuller has had a bad start to the year. He’s had plenty of productive games before and every team needs secondary help. Not sure what he’d fetch but he’d be more desirable than Jackson given his versatility. I don’t expect him to be moved.

5) Cornelius Lucas- Id love for the staff to lock him up to an extension to be the swing tackle. He’s needed with Cosmi out. He’s a talented lineman who’s deal is up after this year and could really help a team in need of a tackle. Charles could then get his chance.

I don’t expect Ron and this staff to make any of these deals. But good front offices maximize the value of their assets especially when it’s expected to lose those assets. I’d love to see the Scherff and Settle deals.