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The Cult Of Colt: Criminal, Stupid, or Criminally Stupid?

Just when you thought they couldn’t sink any lower, there’s now a hole at the bottom of the ocean in Ashburn.

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Cincinnati Bengals v Washington Football Team Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Bryan and Gumbi are back in action for this edition of the Cult of Colt. There’s been a lot of stuff to talk about over the past few weeks, little of it on the field, and less of it good. We take some time to share our impressions of the Jon Gruden email fiasco and the Washington Football Team’s ongoing involvement in that saga.

Gumbi is fired up about how the team has conducted themselves at every turn, the most recent insult to injury coming with nakedly cynical the announcement that the team would be retiring Sean Taylor’s jersey number (long overdue!)... just three days before the ceremony was set to take place (disgusting!) All in all, we’re not in a great place as we try to unwind this ball of bull-shittery this week and determine what, if anything, we can do as fans to reconcile our fandom of a team that has laid bare their motivations to obfuscate and misdirect at every turn.

For better or for worse, we did spend some time talking about the on-field product and took the temperature of the team at the five-week mark. In short, we’re not sold on Taylor Heineke as the long-term solution just yet and are less enthused by what we’ve seen thus far on the defensive side of the ball. All of this is to say, that in our eyes culture change comes slow, but it comes from the top, and there are still mountains left to move to get this ship in the right direction. Perhaps right on queue as we were in the midst of rolling the credits, there was a breaking mea culpa of sorts from Jason Wright (very much the cannon fodder of the week) so stick around to the very end to watch us try to get that jammed in right at the last second (not too unlike the team and their plans for this weekend, huh?)

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