A Fan Led Movement to Oust Dan Snyder: #BoycottFedExField

As I’m sure many of you are as well, I’m involved in a fairly active group text that exclusively focuses on our beloved DC Sports: WFT, Wizards, Caps, Nats/Orioles. For many of us, the Football Team somehow still holds the top spot in our respective rankings of which teams we care the most about. We were talking yesterday about Gruden/Allen and whether or not this would end up burning Snyder. At this point, I think we all unfortunately know the answer to that question. That also got us talking about what we would do/endure to root for a Washington NFL Franchise that wasn’t owned by Snyder, to which someone responded:

"As sh***y as it would be to lose Terry, Chase, and all of our other young exciting prospects, I would literally start over as an expansion team tomorrow if it meant Dan was out."

We all agreed, more or less. While this stance has probably been made easier to defend considering we already lost the brand that all of us used to identify with as fans, think for yourself if you feel the same way...then think about the implications. Hating an owner so much that you would choose to say goodbye to the players (current and past), the championships, the history as one of the [former] all time great NFL franchises, simply for a fresh start. No banners, no ring of fame, no burgundy and gold, just a brand new team.

We’ve arrived here because it seems there’s very little that will force the NFL hand’s regarding Snyder. They’re not going to release the investigation’s findings because it most likely implicates far too many other owners/executives. And at this point, unless there are more skeletons in his closet that have yet to be uncovered, it seems almost guaranteed that Snyder has dodged a massive bullet, and probably won’t encounter anything as threatening to his ownership again.

Unless we, the fans, have the last word.

The idea: A fully coordinated strike of home fan attendance at FedEx Field.

While it might sound idealistic at best and likely impossible, we already have a huge portion of this fanbase, including many in this community, that have vowed to stop attending home games. Many get drawn in by the occasional competitive seasons (2012, 2015, 2020) while others go for a lack of better things to do on a Sunday and cheap tickets, this movement has already started. Now all we need is a little coordination and intentionality, and what better place to find that than this community?

If HogsHaven created and sponsored an official #BoycottFedExField movement and each one of us shared it with our closest friends and family that were also fans - I can guarantee we would see a snowball picking up steam.

And before you ask yourself what kind of power do we as the fans actually wield in this situation, imagine the consequences and fallout?

  • The NFL begins televising games for a stadium that is 25-50% full, all with the visiting team fans.

  • WFT coaches/players begin voicing their concerns/frustrations of playing games in front of no home fans.

  • A self-obsessed man gets thrown into the forefront of national media stories for literally driving an entire fanbase away from their team.

  • Players begin requesting trades, free agent prospects dry up, our own players walk to other teams, and the on-field products continues to dip.

  • What began as a movement becomes a legitimate PR issue for the league, eventually forcing some type of action.

I acknowledge that this would have little financial impact on Dan’s personal net worth and the NFL’s bottom line. This is much less about money and all about public image. A statement from and recognition that the people who make this financial engine turn (us, the fans) hold legitimate power.

I realize this might die in the FanPosts section, but I’m hoping enough people will latch onto this idea to turn it into a true movement. My questions to all of you are:

  1. How cool would it feel to be part of a fan coordinated and organized movement that successfully pushed out the worst thing that has ever happened to this franchise? Will you want to tell future generations of WFT fans that you fought back and ultimately won?

  2. What do we have to lose?