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I Am REALLY Looking Forward to Washington’s Re-Brand

When things start going south, fans look to other means to keep their interest in the team high. Kyle said just the other day, that he can’t bother to watch games anymore due to the poor performances, and what they do to his mental state (fair take).

Now, I haven’t gone that far yet, and my silver lining to this season is hopefully watching some of our young guys improve - guy like Chase Young, Montez Sweat, Sam Cosmi, Jamin Davis, Ben St-Juste, Dyami Brown, Kam Curl, Cole Holcomb, etc. And, of course, I want to see players like McLaurin break franchise receiving records, and find out if certain guys can play - or need to be replaced...always with an eye on the draft.

However, I find myself brewing with excitement over this soon-to-be re-brand!

Now, I know not all of you will agree that this re-brand will be exciting for you - and I totally understand and respect that. But for me, it a brand new chapter in this storied franchise’s history. Hell, it’s a BRAND NEW BOOK!

I am never going to forget the past - let’s make this clear from the start, but I think we can all agree that the last two-plus decades have been VERY forgettable.

Many will say that a re-brand is simply putting lipstick on a pig, but to me, it’s my own personal reset button as a fan. You may can this be a reset if the same man who drug this franchise down the gutter is still here; and to that, I’ll have to agree. However, I now view Tanya as our owner and Dan as her puppet, so for that reason, I take some solace.

...moving on

Why I’m Excited for a New Start

1) The name-game is a fun one to play

- RedWolves/Wolves

- Commanders

- Armada

- Renegades

- Defenders

- Brigade

- Hogs

This is a debate as hot as the Heinicke one! Just like the starting quarterback of a football team, not everyone is going to be happy, and many are just going to have to live with it. But unlike the starting quarterback for a football team, this will span centuries (hopefully).

2) New Gear! I haven’t purchased new gear in over a year. I refuse to buy things that are temporary. But, once the new team name is announced, and the new gear hits, I will, once again, proudly support my team by wearing the gear around town (as long as there are no pigs on it).

I know many of you refuse to support this team through any financial endeavors as long as Dan is still the owner - and if that is your choice, so be it. But mine will be to proudly rock my new gear year round!

3) With a new start - hope springs eternal! The Washington Football Team was not exactly a desired destination for key free agents in the past. Washington was often forced to severely overpay to lure in prized players. I don’t know if the name had anything to do with that - HOWEVER, a cool new re-brand, that’s a bit more modern and can capture a portion of today’s younger fans (which I feel we have lost), may just be enough to have some guys consider us...if for nothing more than some cool digs!

Another part of this that could coincidently correlate, is the selecting of a new quarterback to lead this “new franchise”, and a potential new stadium to host the RedWolves/Commanders down the road.

If this can’t attract players and fans alike, I don’t know what will!

4) As mentioned above, a new stadium is looming - this we all know. FedEx is a cesspool (literally), and the seats are usually open or housing opposing team’s fans. This is completely unacceptable, and my hope is a new chapter will excite the fan-base enough to fill “The Den” on Sundays.

The team entering the new stadium to Hungry Like the Wolf (the new remix version) would be pretty cool!

As you can tell, I’m pretty pumped up for the new name and re-brand to be announced come early 2022 - to mark the 90th year of our franchise’s existence. Even if this team continues on a downward trend for the rest of the 2021 season, I do have something to look forward to come January - and for this franchise, that has not always been the case!

Bring it on!!!!! HTT...?