NFL needs to stay in its lane

Emails surfaced of a past email with Jon firing racially insensitive remarks about Smith (NFLPA rep). Even more those same emails took aim at Roger Goddell. NFL is currently exploring ways to punish Jon. Jon was a member of ESPN at the time. How can you punish him for anything. Sure his remarks were deplorable, stupid, his lies trying to defend remarks were stupid too. Last time I checked none of us were born to a virgin in a stable, none of us turn water into wine, bring back the dead, nor walk on water. Jon is getting punished by the media bringing this to light. He is thinking to himself that was stupid. His rubber lips bullshit excuse just made the hole deeper. No, you were talking about the mans lips, which is a racial stero type. Is Jon a racist? I don’t think he is. Were the remarks a bit racist, YES!! The thing is this, the NFL wouldn’t punish people for this 30 years ago. They will now. That’s great! Racism has no part in this world imo.

Jon Gruden is a solid personality on TV, a SB winning HC and for most part, his players love him. The telling thing is none of these players are coming forward with any support. That’s telling because if someone feels Jon is being wrongly accused, why aren’t they? First off, the emails were private, they were involved in a speedster investigation, and had no bearing on such investigations….so why are they even out there? In no way am I defending Jon’s words, I’m defending people’s privacy. If Jon is getting railroaded here, let’s see some damning Danny emails. There is no way that there weren’t emails damning Danny. For far too long Roger has rode this high horse playing jury, judge, executioner. Let he without guilt cast the first stone…the pain meds, the injury cover up, the bogus cap penalty, the double standard of protecting owners in trouble while persecuting players in trouble. Jon messed up. The world knows. That is punishment enough!