Beyond Frrustration

It's way time to be done accepting mediocrity. That starts with the QB situation as Heineke has proven he is NOT the answer by any means. The much heralded defense is giving up 30 points a game while Chase Young has some experts saying he might be over-rated.

The biggest sign of our mediocrity is the coaching staff in general. On offense, there is no excitement generated and the play calling is atrocious. On defense, a major let down from the hype after last year. These coaches don't even have the word "BLITZ" in their vocabulary. Then again, that might be the case because our secondary can't cover anyone. Most of all....Riverboat Ron does not seem to get fired up enough to care how mediocre this team has looked after only 5 weeks. His decision today to go for it on 4th and 10 instead of the long FG attempt backfired big time. Of course that decision was probably prompted by the inconsistency of Hopkins. Then again..he still could have punted to force the Saints to start their possession close to their endzone, thereby not having the chance for a Hail-Mary before halftime.

Bottom-Line.....the front office must commit to start spending some money in the off-season for multiple players and especially getting a "Franchise" Quarterback....once and for all.