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Ron Rivera Presser: Rotating Alex Smith and Taylor Heinicke is something we seriously have to look at

Ron Rivera speaks to the media

NFL: The Washington Football Team-Srimmage Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Ron Rivera spoke to the media today due to this week's playoff game being on Saturday night. He opened up the presser with some pretty big news. The team might have to rotate starting QB Alex Smith with backup Taylor Heinicke. Smith is still dealing with a calf strain that caused him to miss 2 1/2 games. Smith played last week, but was not very mobile and looked limited. Heinicke was seen warming up on the sidelines, and Rivera said he considered putting him in, but Smith was able to finish the entire game and get the win.

The Washington Football Team will have to evaluate Smith's injury again this week and see if he can start, and then monitor him during the game if he is struggling. They will have Heinicke ready to play, and also Steven Montez available as the 3rd QB on game day. Rivera also mentioned the Tampa Bay Buccaneers aggressive defense when talking about rotating QBs.

Injury report:

Rotating Alex Smith and Taylor Heinicke:

Buccaneers' defense:

Playoffs at 7-9:

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Playing vs future Hall of Famers:

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Women in the NFL:

Ron Rivera went on the Rich Eisen Show and here are a few clips from the interview:

Alex Smith:

Chase Young:

Eagles switching QBs:

Full interview: