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Ron Rivera Presser: “This one’s special just because of how hard it was, how tough it was, how it’s been on the guys.”

Ron Rivera speaks to the media

Doing things the right way:

Winning the NFC East:

Handling what comes next:

Room for improvement:

Scott Turner:

Alex Smith:

Coaching staff:

Beating the Eagles:


Terry McLaurin:

Starting fast:

Pre-game energy:

Post-game celebration:

Jack Del Rio:

Kam Curl

Locker room:


Tom Brady:

Montez Sweat

Winning the NFC East:

Ron Rivera's culture:

Defense charged after Jalen Hurts was benched?:

Terry McLaurin

Playing injured this week:

Scoring on the opening drive:

Injury recovery with Alex Smith:

Ron Rivera:

Preparing for Tampa Bay:

Alex Smith

Calf injury:

Coming back from a slow start to the season:

Fixator trophy:

Division Camp T-shirts:

Morgan Moses

Winning the division:


Chase Roullier's contract extension:

Bet on ourselves:

Playing through injuries:

Win dedicated to his late father:

Coaching staff:

Chase Young:

Chase Young

We're not done:

Tom Brady:


Go time:

Recovering from injuries:

Nate Sudfeld replacing Jalen Hurts:

Didn't give up when the team was 1-5:

Division champs: