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Pig Pen Podcast: Go Get Deshaun Watson

It’s time for a big move, like a franchise shifting move. and the Washington Football Team needs to go throw the kitchen sink at Houston and get Deshaun Watson.

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It’s been quite some time since the Washington Football Team really swung for the fences in the offseason. It’s been even longer since the team had any remnants of a franchise quarterback. 2021 seems like a great year to kill two birds with one stone and really shake up the NFC. It’s time to go get Deshaun Watson.

Quarterbacks who are firmly in the top-5 conversation aren’t supposed to become available in their prime. Acquiring Watson immediately turns WFT from “winner of a terrible division, who cares” to “Oh, this team is scary.”

Watson turned 25 in September and is coming off his best season in damn near every statistical category. With uncertainly looming around the quarterback position in D.C., the team might as well take the Houston Texans’ trash and treat him like the treasure he is.

The price will be steep, obviously, but there is a price that comes with winning. There isn’t any amount of picks that Houston could ask for that would be too many for Watson.

If the Texans ask for five first-round picks, hell, give them five first-round picks. There’s a really good chance in any of those five drafts the team isn’t selecting a player better than Watson, so what’s holding you back? On top of that, WFT has a done a really good job in recent years scoring big in the later rounds.

The anti-Watson crowd will scream, “What about the RGIII deal?!?! We can’t do it again!!” And they’re right. WFT can’t deal multiple first-round picks for a really impressive college player who hasn’t played a single NFL snap. But the team can do it for a top-5 player. It’s really that simple.

Adding Watson makes the Football Team a much more desirable place for free agents to come to play and come win. Get Deshaun Watson and add another wide receiver in free agency, that sounds like a damn near perfect offseason for the offensive side of the ball to me.

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