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Daily Slop: Washington Football Media Links Roundup

A daily collection of articles from around the web

Wild Card Round - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Washington Football Team Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images
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Alex Smith tells '60 Minutes' his 2020 season showed he 'can play at this level' | RSN
The Washington Football Team quarterback spoke with CBS news program "60 Minutes" about his miracle comeback.

Washington Football Team QB Alex Smith's comeback from nearly losing his leg - 60 Minutes - CBS News
After the Washington Football Team’s Alex Smith suffered a compound spiral fracture during a 2018 game, his wife says in the ambulance he wanted updates on the game: “He was not even worried about his leg whatsoever. He was worried about his team.”

Ron Rivera Dan Snyder and question of who picks QB - Washington Times
When it comes to Washington's NFL franchise, "Who picks the quarterback?" is a rhetorical question.

Free Agent Focus: Washington needs help at WR, and one Panther could help | RSN
When Ron Rivera took over in Washington, he brought a whole lot of Carolina with him. Now it's time for one more Panther in D.C.

Washington Football Team to interview Eric Stokes for GM job - The Washington Post
Stokes, 47, joined Ron Rivera in Washington after working with the coach in Carolina.

Alex Smith and Ron Rivera face an uncertain future together - The Washington Post
Ron Rivera can’t build a future with Alex Smith’s rebuilt right leg, but Smith doesn’t seem to want to quit a game he never thought he would play again.

Whether Washington Football Team keeps momentum depends on its QB - NFC East- ESPN
Washington, which has not made the postseason in consecutive seasons since 1990-92, needs stability under center to become a consistent contender.