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Cult Of Colt: A Soft Landing

The end has come too soon, but not as soon as one would have thought.

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NFL: NFC Wild Card Round-Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Football Team Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Football Team’s improbable season came to an end on Saturday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — on this edition of the Cult Of Colt we take a moment to reflect on the SUPER Wild Card weekend and the enigma that was Taylor Heinicke. It was abundantly clear to anyone who watched Washington’s quarterback play this season, that these four quarters from a 27-year-old trying to make a name for himself, represented the most exciting, consistent, and competitive position effort this year. Is the bar low? Yes, of course. Is it the floor...? Well, maybe not, but it does prompt some questions about the future and Heinicke’s role in it.

We spent a good amount of time discussing Bill-In-Bangkok’s fantastic article “ERFA, RFA and Washington’s quarterbacks” and applied our best guesses to his lists of who might be available via free agency and via trade.

In addition, we took some time this week to marvel at what could very well be the final time we see Tom Brady suit up against the Burgundy and Gold... and frankly good riddance. It goes without saying that Brady’s methodical and surgical approach represents a different style of football than what we saw out of Heinicke, and indeed the young up-and-coming generation of electrifying young quarterbacks in the NFL, but it was no less impressive to see him ply his trade. To be clear: we hate the player, but can’t hate the game.

To close things out, we offer our prediction for this weeks’ Divisional Round games (got this out juuust in time) and shared our most memorable (on-field) WFT moments of 2020.

Let us know what your most memorable WFT moments were from this season in the comments below.

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Bryan Stabbe: Well Gumbi season coming to an end, no end in sight here on the Cult of Colt. Thank you all for tuning in Washington.

Bryan Stabbe: It's over, it's over for 2020 if it's over 2020 2021 and frankly before the season started and even two months ago, the fact that you could add a pen to the

Bryan Stabbe: To the, to what the season was because like teams, you know, like when I think about, like, oh, who won the Super Bowl in 1999. That means it was the 9899 season.

Gumbi: Okay, yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, but the fact that they're even is a 2021 season for Washington. I mean, it's pretty remarkable.

Gumbi: They got all the games they got all the games and all the teams did whether or not you agree with it or not. The enough. I've got through it.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, I wasn't even thinking about from that perspective, just the fact that they like played well enough to get into the postseason but yes it is.

Bryan Stabbe: Fucking incredible pardon my French that it happened, maybe

Bryan Stabbe: They should have

Bryan Stabbe: june se quoi, Grey Poupon

Gumbi: seasons are lives now.

Gumbi: Yeah, man.

Bryan Stabbe: What a man is an offseason site. We don't make any qualms about it. We know what we are

Bryan Stabbe: We'll see if the code the cult of Colt is an offseason podcast. I think it will be. I think we're going to really show you who we are, show you what we're all about this.

Gumbi: I'm having a great time. I find no reason to stop it. I think ride the roller coaster and can

Gumbi: Make it fun for everyone. We

Gumbi: Yeah, this team makes it hard sometimes.

Bryan Stabbe: It does. And this team makes us drink.

Bryan Stabbe: As it is a Wednesday evening we are

Bryan Stabbe: We're always sipping on something here. I'm going to cold call. So we asked you, what do you sipping on this evening.

Gumbi: A little crazy today. It's a end of the season. Yeah I I'm I'm sad IT ENDED, BUT I'M but I'm hopeful for the future. So I went a little crazy today, my friend, Jake. Makes me

Gumbi: Oh, so I had a mead homebrew which is an arm orange blossom meet with orange and cinnamon in it.

Gumbi: Now if you've never had a meet before mead doesn't have like the same bubbles as a as a beer.

Gumbi: But it definitely has a good taste. So as long as you don't go in here. Get the hoppy taste, you'll enjoy it. It's smooth, it's good. Jake did a fabulous job and I've been enjoying this is even funnier 17%

Bryan Stabbe: Huh, yeah, that'll get you good'en in riled up and it's funny. I have. I do have a mead story and it involves you

Bryan Stabbe: This we were at a Super bowl party. It was the Super Bowl where the Falcons blew the 20 823

Bryan Stabbe: And there are hosts, who I believe we will have on this podcast in the offseason

Bryan Stabbe: Had it was very generous and had a fully stocked fridge.

Bryan Stabbe: And we were down in the basement watching on one of the televisions and he came over and handed me a bottle of what I believe to be was. I thought it was beer.

Bryan Stabbe: It was not beer. It was me. I was not ready to have a Mead, like I wasn't like it wasn't in the headspace

Gumbi: I wasn't gets to get your, your taste buds to like you're not prepared for mentally. Yeah, it's awful thing and him and his men, but coming at you with this.

Gumbi: Beverage definitely a little intimidating.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, and you were standing with me. I almost spit it out because not because it was bad, but because I was just like, not ready. I wasn't ready. And I was like, what is this and you I showed you the bottle was from term city.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, that's me. I was like, why did. Why did. Why did Ben. Give me a me like

Gumbi: He's trying to get rid of it, he's you know he's just like just drink full or watching a football game, you know, here's what Evers my fridge and cold. Yeah. If you are thinking at all about hops and beer and you drink them need you are thrown off. It is not the same thing.

Bryan Stabbe: Honey beverage.

Gumbi: Correct is honey based beverage, but it's delicious absolute delicious. Now, Brian. Yeah. What you're sipping off.

Bryan Stabbe: It's funny because we did not coordinate this dear listener. We did not coordinate this in advance of this episode, I am also drinking a homebrew

Bryan Stabbe: I'm drinking a linen closet Brewing Company. You can follow us on untapped at linen closet Brewing Company and on Instagram at living Brewing Company.

Bryan Stabbe: It is a homebrew. It is the 2020 version of, I think, the best beer we make, which is called the smog in LA is a Belgian style Brown Ale that has California golden raisins in it, and it is so good

Gumbi: But who are the proprietors of this linen closet.

Bryan Stabbe: Case is not clear. It's me, like,

Bryan Stabbe: We have, we have a whole operation.

Bryan Stabbe: We made an Instagram for our home brewery.

Gumbi: Oh, it's

Gumbi: Like in the

Gumbi: Bathroom like it's

Gumbi: Us at its best. Yeah, we're gonna be. We're going to do a homer adventure. At some point, once this is all over. We're gonna do

Bryan Stabbe: We've already picked out the name if anyone can guess what the name of the beer that we homebrew we're gonna homebrew is I will send you

Bryan Stabbe: A

Bryan Stabbe: I promise I'll do this if you reach out to us and you get it right.

Bryan Stabbe: Anybody they're commenting in the section below comment section below or by tweeting us at the cult of cold on Twitter, I will send you an autographed Washington football team pennant I believe this is signed by Jamison Crowder,

Bryan Stabbe: Whoo. Yeah, I'll send it to it also. Maybe someone Kindle for I can't remember, but I don't need this thing. I will give it away to whoever whoever can guess sight unseen what the name of the homebrew is that we're going to bring together. Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: You heard it here first. So it's very good. I'm very happy with it. It has definitely it's mellow. It's got me mellow and I think he had to be a little bit mellow, just to sort of be watching football team fan this week like

Bryan Stabbe: Washington falls in the super wild card round of the playoffs to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Gumbi: Why super wild card. What does this whole thing and if I was doing that. I didn't quite understand that at all.

Bryan Stabbe: My understanding of why they did it this way is because

Bryan Stabbe: Because of the restructuring of the playoffs. There's now only one team with a buy

Bryan Stabbe: And so that means that there were three games. Each day, as opposed to historically there have been two on Saturday and two on Sunday. Okay, now there were three on Saturday and three on Sunday. So it's like a super duper and full of football. How many games. Did you watch games. Besides,

Gumbi: I watched

Gumbi: I watched the Washington game and then you texted me and said, hey, turn on Nickelodeon.

Bryan Stabbe: Yes, I

Gumbi: Did and there is these saints vs. the bears and I went

Gumbi: I've got to watch this, this, this shenanigans. And I'll tell you what, for watching a kid's version of a football. It was phenomenal that they slide people the song the end zone, they were telling the players with our favorite

Gumbi: Nickelodeon shows where they grew up with. Double Dare. Like, it was kind of cool. I'm not gonna lie. I hope that make it a normal thing because it's a lot better for kids and trying to listen to Troy Aikman talk out loud.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, I mean, okay you we weren't going to talk about this, but I'll give me 90 seconds to tell you what I thought about

Gumbi: Jump in.

Bryan Stabbe: There was a lot of cynicism that this was for a couple reasons. One, there are people who are like, we shouldn't even necessarily marketing football but children in this way.

Bryan Stabbe: I'm not going to engage with you on that point, however, there were a lot of people were like,

Bryan Stabbe: 80% of this audience is just like adults who grew up watching Nickelodeon and want to like relive their childhood. And if you're cynical about that.

Bryan Stabbe: Piss off because I think it was a very nice thing like whatever I saw some tweet that was like they should get Keenan and Cal to do this broadcast and so on and

Bryan Stabbe: I cannot begin to tell you how old

You are

Bryan Stabbe: A lot of it apparently they've repatriated, a lot of the intellectual property of like

Bryan Stabbe: My youth from Nickelodeon like apparently there's still Hey Arnold on there apparently still is some sort of like Rugrats is known

Bryan Stabbe: Oh, there's still no Sponge Bob like I didn't really I wasn't averse Sponge Bob kid like that was a little bit past my time but

Bryan Stabbe: If it was for nostalgia, who cares. I think they did a great job. It was fun football, I think of all of the professional sports has the biggest problem with taking itself so seriously.

Bryan Stabbe: And sometimes you listen to these broadcasts where I don't they fire Joe testator from Monday Night Football. He was like a ring a ding DING, like wanting to bring back the Rat Pack kind of guy, where every say he's like

Bryan Stabbe: bangles Titans. This is Thursday Night Football. It's like, it's not that important. And sometimes edit and like its worst, it's overwrought and it's sometimes it's all it was just like someone

Gumbi: Trying to they're trying too hard.

Bryan Stabbe: They married it like it's a documentary about like Eisenhower.

Gumbi: But they also make everything sound like it was the NFL films, you know, like don't know but this whole thing with Nickelodeon. Was it

Bryan Stabbe: was nice.

Gumbi: I'm going to watch football and I and often you want to watch football with your kids.

Gumbi: It's a normal thing we did growing up. We want to do it now. Yeah, they found a way where the kids got something from it. It was entertained to them and I still got to watch the game.

Gumbi: Sure, which we awesome

Bryan Stabbe: It was, I say, I thought it was. I would I want to watch it.

Bryan Stabbe: Every single week like that. No, definitely not.

Gumbi: I'm 5050 on that, man.

Bryan Stabbe: I would maybe watch it once or twice a season, although

Bryan Stabbe: To be fair, I'm not watching that much football over the course of season this year.

Gumbi: But what if they did all of the washing football team games in Nickelodeon rather than having to deal with the lower and scum of announcers

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, they've they drew the short on a stick a couple times this year. Always have always will.

Bryan Stabbe: Watch. Okay, so you watch that you watch that game. Did you watch any other ones.

Gumbi: Oh, no, no.

Bryan Stabbe: I watched parts not intentionally I watched parts I think of every game, except for the very first one. No, I did it was the bills the bills game bills Titans who they play

Gumbi: Was the Titans.

Bryan Stabbe: Know ravens by the Titans. I watched

Gumbi: The Titans. Yeah, that was the whole dancing on the

Bryan Stabbe: Little awesome

Bryan Stabbe: It was a variable.

Gumbi: That was a very funny. Oh, there they are the titles first. Here you go. That's right.

Bryan Stabbe: That was great. Yeah. So I ended up watching probably more football than I should have. If I could have like gone outside. I probably would have not watched him look football but

Gumbi: Outside your eyes.

Bryan Stabbe: So what

Bryan Stabbe: Your Washington Saturday night, they were they get another is that primetime. I don't know.

Gumbi: It's probably about 2815 820 minutes prime time

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, that's a lot of eyeballs.

Gumbi: Well, Tom Brady was there of course those eyeballs.

Bryan Stabbe: That go through

Gumbi: I mean, let's

Gumbi: Just. Let's just find the stats for Tom Brady was

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, let's start there. I think it's Tom Brady

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, it was the storyline coming. It was like the thing that everyone's paying attention to Tom Brady. What were your thoughts on Tom Brady

Gumbi: He's the go. I mean, you watch this guy play football. And again, he's 42 or 43 years old he's oh

Gumbi: It's bananas and what he is just pinpoint he had passes that were dropped. Oh, couldn't catch a cold for like two and a half quarters.

Gumbi: But, Brady. Brady that he just can't whatever he is, is the machine. He's been doing this long enough, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, throw you don't catch it and he's losing his mind on our defense on that end. And I'll just jump right in the defense end of it.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, go for it. I'm

Bryan Stabbe: genuinely curious, but we were texting a little bit I'm genuinely


Gumbi: Our defense.

Gumbi: Did get picked apart by Tom Brady and that's the reason I kind of brought the defense in Tom Brady is Tom Brady. There's a reason

Gumbi: The reason is one all these games. And the reason that he is so good at what he does. I wish Jason would have

Gumbi: Gone after him, or I wish you could have gotten his hands on a more. Yeah, but it just wasn't happening. Tom Brady won the game for the box. Tom Brady had the right game plan is the right reads and he did the right things. We were not the best team on that field.

Gumbi: Know, on Saturday night nor should we have been because honestly, it's a we weren't the best thing going in.

Gumbi: And we did god damn we did well on that field. But on that night on that field. We weren't the best team and we lost our defense is for the first time, all season was worse in our office.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, I completely agree.

Bryan Stabbe: The better team won that game.

Bryan Stabbe: The team that was expected to win the game won the game. It does not come as a surprise, like the result. The end result doesn't come as a surprise I you know I took the points I was if it was like an eight point spread they lost by 831 23 my impression

Bryan Stabbe: I think is similar to yours. And I know that there's nothing quite like agreeing with one another to make a compelling podcast but

Here we go.

Bryan Stabbe: Tom Brady

Bryan Stabbe: There were a number of points over the course of the game where I was just like, Damn, that was a great ball.

Bryan Stabbe: And he makes it seem so effortless. It feels very seamless and very natural and like of course it should he is. I mean, he's as accomplished as any player in NFL history.

Bryan Stabbe: But yeah, at this age it every once in a while. It took me out of the game where I was like I was mad because you know they were they were

Bryan Stabbe: They really feasted on that area between the safeties and linebackers sort of those mid range.

Bryan Stabbe: 15 to 20 yard passes and like a deep cover to where the safeties are playing back and those like crossing routes over the middle. They made a lot a lot of catches sort of in that mid 15 yard range.

Gumbi: And then those catches our Senior Secondary was close. They were around

Gumbi: There were a couple where they were non existent. But for many of them are secondary was closer right there. And Tom Brady just found a way to put it. Right, exactly where the ball needed to go

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, it's remarkable. I mean, it's probably it's probably the last time that will ever see him play Washington. He didn't play washing all that much. You know, coming from the AFC but it really I don't like the guy like

Bryan Stabbe: I don't like Tom Brady, there's like a lot of things I don't like about him.

Bryan Stabbe: Some of it is, I'm a bit of a hater. Like, I'm really I was I feel like we lost a good decade and a half of like seeing fun and exciting and different teams in the Super Bowl, because the Patriots were just like in it every year.

Bryan Stabbe: Uh, I don't like that, you know, like, I'm not a dynasty guy.

Bryan Stabbe: But damn if I don't respect his ability to throw the football and he made our secondary look sort of pretty average. And I think, to the point where and expose them that there are going to be

Bryan Stabbe: Reasonable conversations about upgrading the secondary in the offseason

Gumbi: So there has to be

Gumbi: There has to be and get our Chandler has played fairly well during this this whole season.

Bryan Stabbe: Sure.

Gumbi: But it's something we need to look into it, we still are seven and 19

Gumbi: Sure we limped into the playoffs. We're not sure what through our team yet. So, of course, who are the pieces that are obviously can be changed or upgraded and whether it's more time learning or new people to the secondary is one of the things that we need to look at

Bryan Stabbe: That's a great point and one that I think people are very quick to overlook is the

Bryan Stabbe: It's two things there. It's experience and familiarity and within familiarity its familiarity with your teammates and familiarity with the system.

Bryan Stabbe: So, you know, a lot of these guys can curl. I think had a fan ended up having a fantastic here he doing far exceeding expectations. He I think is, is a grower

Bryan Stabbe: Like you can build this amazing. It's amazing games.

Gumbi: Just, just head down, taking people out like he's a great against the run, but he needs to work on his past defense. Yep.

Gumbi: But you're right.

Gumbi: He's, he's young he means time

Bryan Stabbe: Ronald Darby, I think I had a friend of mine who's an eagles fan you texted me during that he goes, he goes, oh, looks like frontal Darby learned how to play football, he, he, I think outperformed expectations this year.

Bryan Stabbe: I think the biggest next year's a make or break year for Jimmy more ones.

Bryan Stabbe: Mm hmm. Because he has shown, I mean the expectations to have always been low. I mean, people were excited about him because he's a local guy jam, you

Bryan Stabbe: At times this year looked really good at times this year looked a little bit lost. So I think we're going to figure out like is Jimmy Moreland TRULY AN NFL caliber long term NFL caliber quarter quarterback next year and then they get back

Bryan Stabbe: They get

Bryan Stabbe: Our full, full or comes back, they'll get back Collins, so there you look at that on paper and say there are pieces. But you're right. I think what they were able to do in the passing game.

Bryan Stabbe: speaks to the combination of the amount of growth that's needed for Washington and really just how incredible Tom Brady hands in it.

Bryan Stabbe: Does pay me to say that I

Gumbi: Agreed, and time that would that secondary. They just want against the greatest one of the greatest quarterbacks ever. Yep. And they got they got taken apart. But they have to experience that.

Gumbi: In your in your absolutely Tom Brady, where he made it look like why can't every quarterback to this so effortless. So pinpoints you just sit there and go, Why can't we have one of these. Why can't we have this for us.

Bryan Stabbe: He does.

Bryan Stabbe: He doesn't wow you

Bryan Stabbe: He Oh there's a huge difference between watching Lamar Jackson PLAY QUARTERBACK and Tom Brady PLAY QUARTERBACK or Patrick my homes PLAY QUARTERBACK and Tom Brady PLAY QUARTERBACK. Those are they're playing basically a different game and

Bryan Stabbe: Brady just does it in a way where it's like, I don't want to call it boring because it's like, it's not, that's not exactly what it is, but it's not

Bryan Stabbe: Remarkable, other than the fact that he's just like so efficient with his the way that he does exactly what he needs to do sort of in the least amount of movement that needs doing and kind of like

Bryan Stabbe: In a way that like physically is not terribly remarkable. And so just that is something that's like

Bryan Stabbe: Unbelievable to see

Gumbi: He just slowly methodically picks you apart. Yeah, you know, Lamar Jackson petrol homes can make the big play that you know that massive 5060 yard play with us with his feet or whether arms.

Gumbi: Tom Brady will just take you down the field 1510 yeah 24 yards BONE BONE BONE BONE BONE BONE BONE. And you can't stop it. You just can't stop it.

Gumbi: And it hurts is painful. You're tired, you're you do everything you can. And you just pick you apart, he finds that your finger touches is a defender your fingers touch the ball as the receiver catches it. You did everything right and Tom Brady still beat you. Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, that was the biggest I think thing that jumped out at me in that game.

Bryan Stabbe: Well, I will say second to his counterpart is Taylor. Hi Nikki made

Bryan Stabbe: Made a very big impression on everybody. I mean, he became like a meme.

Bryan Stabbe: Over the course of the game and like just football Twitter when bullet went ballistic for this guy.

Gumbi: They should have

Bryan Stabbe: What he was able to do on the football field.

Gumbi: I want a Heineken with Hi Nikki That's, that's what should be said all the time, this guy. I'm going to go from the background, but let's talk about because none of us were hiding. He came from. We started off the season with Alex Smith. Yeah. And we had Haskins

Bryan Stabbe: Some other guy, whatever.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, who can't even remember some other I'm

Gumbi: Just gonna say names and we had Montez in the practice.

Bryan Stabbe: Yes, even want to

Gumbi: Fast forward we lose out. Oh, go okay we lose Haskins boom gone now. We all we have left is Smith and Montez and what they've done is they've been picked up Heidi. Heidi key as a coven backup quarterback right after what happened with San Francisco, but

Bryan Stabbe: Basically, this, this, or the

Bryan Stabbe: Denver. It was the wide receiver.

Gumbi: Who's named no Denver and San Francisco both had the same problem. You're absolutely right.

Gumbi: More Denver and you sit there and be the gun extra quarterback who's sitting on his couch. Yeah, he was doing

Gumbi: The same thing. You and I are doing sitting our account drinking beer. The only difference was the game of bigger paycheck and they handed them a playbook and said, hey, in case we need you.

Gumbi: If it has been falls apart when you do if Carlos sorry if Alex Smith balls Martin needs you, that we can use Montez when they do so if at some point in time, all the quarterbacks we have fall apart. We may need you. Or if everyone has coke. Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: Just like show up and be a body but

Gumbi: It wasn't very little chance that you're gonna like

Bryan Stabbe: Get in and touch the football.

Gumbi: It was a very little chance he was going to show up and be a body. Yeah, they just want to, as soon as couch under the playbook in case

Gumbi: And all of a sudden

Gumbi: The dominoes kept falling

Gumbi: And once Haskins was gone and Alex Smith started to kind of not do too well with his with his cat. They're like, okay, let's bring Hi Nikki him because he knows the playbook brought him in and they put him a bit ahead of Montana, which is getting says a lot about Montez

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah yeah

Gumbi: I mean, just say, and as I said last week was that we have a better chance of winning with hiring a key that with Alex Smith, because you could throw the ball.

Bryan Stabbe: And he can move

Gumbi: What I didn't know you could move. I just know he can throw the ball down

Bryan Stabbe: Well, we knew we didn't have to know that Taylor Heinicke

he could move

Bryan Stabbe: To know that Alex Smith could not

Gumbi: Get move but holy shit he played with conviction. He played with passion, he played his ass off for us. He made me love this game again.

Gumbi: A team that has been lackluster to watch at times without Smith in the quarterback and Haskins throwing balls all over the place into the ground.

Gumbi: And just watching this team not do well offensively. Here comes a guy who's as get on my back.

Gumbi: I'm going to carry you. As long as far as I can also watch my shoulder get separated or AC joint separated and you're going to do. I'm authority, my back when I used to. I played rugby in college Division one college and I broke my collarbone. And I played 40 minutes after I broke my collarbone.

Gumbi: That's in the same

Gumbi: You don't do that. You can't use your on your whole arm.

Gumbi: In essence, that's what he did at the NFL level where his. He couldn't barely use his non throwing arm and we all knew something was wrong because Montana was thrown over his coat like he's a whole rap star, but your

Gumbi: Mother me announcer for getting ready to

Bryan Stabbe: introduce us to see them Montez like he was about to come out on the field. And I think he came out a locker. My they probably just like put a bunch of painkillers and that thing and like get up like crazy.

Gumbi: He put a Lamar Jackson.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah.

Gumbi: Came out of the locker room like it's me. Here we go. Look out of a movie.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, um,

Gumbi: And watching that kind of part happen it you gotta love it. You gotta love what happened you. I love the energy, the whole team was better because he was there.

Gumbi: Here, it's been a long time since we had that

Bryan Stabbe: Here, here's

Bryan Stabbe: My impression of him simply was this is the best quarterback play. We've seen this year.

Bryan Stabbe: Period at any point, I don't think Dwayne Haskins started six games, Kyle Alan started for games.

Bryan Stabbe: And Alex Smith started six games at no point did anyone look as good as he did over the course of four quarters and it wasn't perfect. I mean, he made mistakes, but like, you know, the thing is, people want to make them out to be some sort of like

Bryan Stabbe: Oh, they picked him up off the street he you know he went to he's known around this area. What's the ultimate and he was the Old Dominion quarterback that beat the ranked VIRGINIA TECH TEAM.

Bryan Stabbe: And I have a lot of Virginia Tech fans who like hate being reminded that their football team lost the Old Dominion, but he was the guy who did it. He won the

Bryan Stabbe: That class of football. The one double A football version of the Heisman like he was the best quarterback at that level. So it's not like he's a total slouch.

Bryan Stabbe: But he definitely is a type of guy. He's like undersized he went to a smaller school that majority of the time, those guys don't really make it very far. Occasionally, some do you think like Joe Flacco went to Delaware.

Bryan Stabbe: What's

Bryan Stabbe: Carson Wentz who has made the news enough as it is. I mean, he went to San Diego State there's what I can't remember his name. Again, I'm not a draft guy, you're going to learn this over the course the offseason

Bryan Stabbe: And a kid who's at San Diego State right now or Cindy, South Dakota State.

Bryan Stabbe: Is also getting some attention. So like occasionally one double A guys will get a shot, but like, more often than not it's going to be an Ohio State or an Alabama or USC or a Texas or something like that. So the fact that he played all of them.

Bryan Stabbe: It was a sight to see and you know they're going to be a lot of questions and I don't know. We could talk about this a little bit.

Gumbi: I mean,


Bryan Stabbe: He played

Bryan Stabbe: There have been enough game. There have been enough quarterbacks in this league, who have made careers long careers as backups out of one game like I think about, like, Remember Matt Flynn.

Gumbi: Oh, absolutely.

Bryan Stabbe: Like Matt Flynn was a guy who like got a shot to start and one himself a game and became a free agent got like paid an

Gumbi: ungodly amount of money. What, where do you go I can rattle.

Gumbi: Seattle. Yeah.

Gumbi: He's seen a lot of money.

Gumbi: No.

Bryan Stabbe: But there is something to be said for being a guy who carries a clipboard, or like is on an NFL roster. I mean, we talked about Nate said fell. We talked about chase Daniel like these are guys who stick around for a long time.

Gumbi: But we also talked about who he went against Tom Brady. Brady was a six round draft pick hanging on the back on a clipboard and then because blood so went down randomly. He had an opportunity and never let it go. Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: I don't think anyone is at this point. Ready to mean other than like for the memes like to say that telephonic he is Tom Brady that they do have some things that are in common with one another, but they, you know, he looks good. The

Bryan Stabbe: You know, when you look at the composition of this roster going forward. And we'll do a lot of sort of talking about this and again the offseason I mean a reasonable amount of talking about this in the offseason they have a big question, a quarterback next year.

Gumbi: Before we get them to the quarterback next year.

Gumbi: Yes, I want to say this.

Gumbi: Saying, tell me you weren't happy. Tell me you are just tell me you were so excited when you go for that touchdown.

Gumbi: Oh, he came around that corner.

Gumbi: And he do the work to shut shattered his shoulder. How happy were you how excited. Were you

Bryan Stabbe: Well, I made some noise I it was a long

Bryan Stabbe: Oh,

Bryan Stabbe: That was all you got.

Gumbi: Oh wow, that's

Bryan Stabbe: So hey, watch this, watch what

Gumbi: Has happened think a bunch of people just perked up

Bryan Stabbe: Whoa, that was cool.

Bryan Stabbe: That was

Gumbi: I got jumped off my couch like Tom Cruise on Oprah. I was so excited.

Gumbi: We at some point time. Don't forget, at one point time

Gumbi: It was 1618

Gumbi: We have two points away.

Gumbi: Yeah, against Tom Brady understand we, you know, but for 719 and went through this whole season high to he put us within two points.

Gumbi: And I don't mean like safety to nothing 18 to 16 later in the game. He put us where we could almost do something and I said on Twitter a tweet of the crap out of this. I said, Give the man a contract but

Gumbi: On to what you were saying about the future of the quarterback position.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, I think, like,

Bryan Stabbe: When you think about Washington

Bryan Stabbe: And like their quarterbacks. And really there's sort of like the before RG three era and post RG three. I mean, at least in terms of recent history that's like how it's going to people are going to remember it.

Bryan Stabbe: RG three very exciting flash in the pan. Didn't you know it didn't pan out

Bryan Stabbe: And we've sort of been in the desert, a little bit actually. Frankly, like, you know, Kirk Cousins started three years around 15 1617 point 16 games. The last time before cousins that they had a quarterback, who played 16 games in a row or played every game that season was Joe theismann

Bryan Stabbe: Which we tweet me

Gumbi: During the game so I loved your thought Joe theismann is

Gumbi: He, he's a good guy. He did a lot for our team. He's been analysis guy for many years and a commentator, but

Gumbi: Man.

Gumbi: For someone who knows so much. I hope I forgot who so smart. He tweets some really, really lame stuff.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, he's, uh,

Gumbi: He would say that he would like to eat like I think he hurt himself.

Gumbi: And I tweeted back at Joe's like Joe, you got to give us more than that. Man Seriously you you got more in you than this, you know so much about football. So eventually he came back was like hey at the cortical

Gumbi: And he gave us more commentary what he was thinking, which made me happy because Joe theismann

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah I when I saw that I was like, whoa. They treated Gumbi like your eyes are treated me. I was like, that's pretty cool.

Gumbi: That's pretty cool.

Bryan Stabbe: I knew you were amped up I was pretty amped up about it. I thought that was pretty funny.

Gumbi: Oh, I was so um so yeah yeah I took a little while I get to it. It's fine. Talk to me, which made me happier. But Joe

Gumbi: Mr size or and if you if you wanted to.

Gumbi: If you ever want to come on

Bryan Stabbe: The show debate us and coward.

Gumbi: That I don't want to debate, I just want him to talk about the quarterback situation in Washington, because he if anyone has a knowledge.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, so, you know, talking about cousins and talking about, you know, five sort of the history of the quarterback position at this team Washington has been in its dire straits for the last three full seasons.

Bryan Stabbe: Oh yeah, Washington in 2018 four different starting quarterbacks. Can you name them.

Gumbi: To an agent.

Gumbi: 2018 no

Gumbi: I'm gonna try one more out Smith.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, Alex Smith.


Bryan Stabbe: So who play it after Alex Smith got hurt.

Gumbi: That's my. No, I don't. I know. Pretend I do

Bryan Stabbe: Remember who the original backup was

Bryan Stabbe: There's another career backup.

Gumbi: Well, not chase Daniels know much like no, he was he was he was gone a while before that.

Bryan Stabbe: Called one coin.

Gumbi: Coin. He's a colt Colt.

Bryan Stabbe: We can't forget the Colts then his leg snaps and a half.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, or like he dislocated his knees, that it was facing the wrong way.

Bryan Stabbe: That was the Mark Sanchez era.

Gumbi: Oh my God, yeah, even played here.

Bryan Stabbe: Josh Johnson, he played one game and then he got hurt.

Bryan Stabbe: Now and then, Josh Johnson who like resurrected his career a little bit

Gumbi: Like he was Jimmy playing basketball. Yeah, like outside basketball with some kids had no clue. The NFL even wanted him to its own like call it was like hey you're playing. I was like, like we're not kidding, the residency, do they were the Redskins at the time.

Gumbi: Yeah, and he got an A plane. It was like whole we just got this guy literally awful basketball court. And he wants a game. Oh.

Bryan Stabbe: I can be good. Yeah, I was gonna say, I think we're gonna we're doing some guy remembering here, folks, you know how we like about

Bryan Stabbe: Our guys we love our guys

Bryan Stabbe: Yes, I remember I was like, I think he won the game.

Gumbi: They won one game.

Bryan Stabbe: Yup. Yeah, I think he won one game and then. So that was that years disaster, then

Bryan Stabbe: They me off in the offseason they go and get do remember who was the starting quarterback week one of 2019. This is a year ago.

Gumbi: A year ago 2019 starting quarterback.

Gumbi: Wasn't Haskins. No.

Gumbi: No wasn't Haskins.

Bryan Stabbe: Who is supposed to who started that season. Do you remember

Gumbi: I know Smith was out

Gumbi: I don't

Bryan Stabbe: Case Keenum

Gumbi: I completely forgot about him.

Bryan Stabbe: I know everyone kind of forgot about case.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah. Case Keenum started eight games.

Bryan Stabbe: Then Colt McCoy came in and played

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, and Dwayne Haskins finished the season playing seven games. So now we are

Bryan Stabbe: There have now been between 18 and 19 seven different starting quarterbacks Colt McCoy was in there twice but like seven different iterations of starting quarterback and then this year there were four more starting quarterbacks

Gumbi: We never we never thought when you see Alex Smith play

Gumbi: Now, let alone, start a bunch of games.

Bryan Stabbe: Now it is so it is clearly something they've just like got to figure it out.

Bryan Stabbe: Hi Nikki gets

Bryan Stabbe: The I think he gets a look either here or somewhere else. But I think probably here. I think they'll

Bryan Stabbe: You know, they'll look at him. Actually, I don't know. Did you have an opportunity to read bill and Bangkok's piece about our phase and the quarterbacks and like who what they're kind of like the the cap situation and all that.

Gumbi: So I always try to read the in house stuff.

Gumbi: Specifically when it comes to what's happening next bill in Bangkok, you do a great job yourself.

Gumbi: He's got some great there's some great article but bill makes amazing

Gumbi: And he did a phenomenal job of breaking down what's going to happen next.

Gumbi: And pretty much, let's say, and he was guessing. And I think he has a pretty good guess here that it's actually going to retire in February.

Gumbi: Because at that point in time, his all his POV where it needs to get to. Yeah. And that'll be wonderful because he's he's can't do it anymore. His legs are holding up his cast off holding up but you got to give him credit, he did come back. He did play

Bryan Stabbe: He did when he needs you to do is gonna win. Come back Player of the Year, they're gonna name the content Alex Smith comeback Player of the Year. He's

Bryan Stabbe: He doesn't. He's just got to go.

Bryan Stabbe: Like go out on a high high note, you know, high note like don't come back and

Gumbi: I can't be any better.

Bryan Stabbe: Be retreats.

Gumbi: He can't throw a ball downfield. And he can't move.

Bryan Stabbe: You can't

Gumbi: And so he's going to go. That'll give us some cap space.

Gumbi: And then you look at, we really what we have left after that we have Kyle Allen. Yeah, we have.

Gumbi: Hi Nikki and we have Montez so Kyle Allen is restricted free agent and we're probably going to keep him for less a million dollars. Yeah.

Gumbi: So he'll be here for 2021 less than a million dollars. Let's look at $880,000 cap it. Great. That's we have 45 something million dollars available. Awesome. Then as far as tiny. He goes, he's also a restricted free agent.

Gumbi: Yep, more than likely what they'll do because he's been throughout the league. There's not a big push for him.

Gumbi: He has this big light on him now, but he also understands he's going to do better with Scott Turner, he's going to do better with Ron Rivera, and he has the best chance of playing here.

Bryan Stabbe: I don't know if that's true. I don't know if it's, I think, assuming

Bryan Stabbe: And I think it's safe to assume they're going to go and get they're going to get a quarterback. I don't think they'll get one in the draft. I think they're going to go out and get a quarterback and we can talk about who we think

Bryan Stabbe: That, in my mind, means that Taylor Heinicke he's the third quarterback.

Gumbi: Or the second he could be the second

Gumbi: Yeah, but if you bring back if you bring back Kyle Allen, if you're Ron Rivera, and you brought him here because you feel comfortable with him.

Bryan Stabbe: In your system. He's here because there's a degree of familiarity. He's gonna, I think, Kyle, Alan, you can't neither of those guys is a third quarterback. At this point, I think, Tyler Taylor. Hi Nikki at 28 years old is first of all older than con, I think. Hi Nikki as a free agent.

Bryan Stabbe: Is going to not a by will get a chance to start setting and seeing, but I think there are more appealing backup opportunities elsewhere. Then there is here.

Gumbi: I was hoping system. He knows the system. He knows Scott Turner. He knows what's going to happen. He gets the whole system and we saw how he ran. He ran very well.

Gumbi: He didn't let me digress to

Gumbi: The whole what's going to happen so they can keep Hi Nikki at let's say 2.2 $2.5 million range.

Gumbi: Because he's a restricted free agent, and then they can come in if someone else. There's one contract, we can match it the most. We're going to spend is $2.5 million with this guy for next year for one year, that puts us at two quarterbacks for around $3.5 million

Gumbi: A month

Gumbi: Absolutely. That way below everything Alex Smith retires. And we have Montana's probably being

Gumbi: Practice squad again.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, sure. There are worse things to be than NFL practice squad.

Gumbi: You're in the NFL, you're playing Montez enjoy that. But obviously, with the fact that didn't play you now you're probably not going to be a quarterback.

Gumbi: To throw that out there. So we were sitting here looking at $3.5 billion for two quarterbacks Allen and Hi Nikki, you also don't want Alex Smith retiring giving us a equivalent through bill Bangkok's math around $54 million in cap space.

Bryan Stabbe: Not just for the quarterback for like the entire

Gumbi: Entire entirety for what's happening next but that all the entire cast based at that point, we only have $3.5 million at quarterback.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, and you assume what do you assume to assume you spend about

Bryan Stabbe: 10 to $12 million the quarterback like a quarterback is the most important player.

Gumbi: In this league you're spending 15 to 20 yeah

Gumbi: If you want to if you want a

Gumbi: Reasonable quarterback. I mean, that's how much Kirk Cousins, making. That's how much Alex Smith was making most quarterbacks are making in the 15 to 20 plus range. Yeah, so I digress to this and there was a bunch of open free agents that have been made. I put down there.

Gumbi: None of the free agents have that was on that list, including Carson Wentz I want this team.

Gumbi: We're going to go straight

Bryan Stabbe: Let's, let's do a really rapid fire.

Bryan Stabbe: I'm going to say play the free agents. I'm going to say then Player and their age.

Bryan Stabbe: So DAC at 29 to cubby reset in 2030

Bryan Stabbe: Mitch Trubisky god no 28 Tyrod Taylor, who put a pin in that 133 YEARS OLD RYAN Fitzpatrick is 40 years old. Amazing. Andy Dalton 35 know Colt McCoy

Bryan Stabbe: 36 RG three how hilarious evaporate. Not going to happen. But that would be fantastic. He's 32 dates and failed also areas 29 joe flacco 37 man I'm old.

Bryan Stabbe: He's old Dr. Mike Glennon former all met Player of the Year in 2008 from Virginia 33 years old, no chance Janus Jesus know

Bryan Stabbe: Brian Hoyer forgot about him. There's remembering a guy.

Gumbi: I funny stories. After this country, but Brian Hoyer

Gumbi: Awesome, dude.

Bryan Stabbe: I'm excited. They're two left. But Blake portals do not get

Bryan Stabbe: To know and then CJ bathroom. Who's Bobby methods, kid. So he has a tie.

Gumbi: To the organization. That'd be fun.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, but no.

Bryan Stabbe: But no, tell me, give me your Brian Hoyer story.

Gumbi: So Brian Hoyer we'd love Brian Hoyer what I do for a living. We've worked for Brian Hoyer five or six times at this point, I'm not gonna break down. I do for living.

Gumbi: But he is phenomenal.

Gumbi: Great guy. Kids are amazing, like, whoa, like, He's one of those guys that you just love. I don't want him to play my quarterback.

Gumbi: Now he's a great dude. Sure.

Gumbi: Yeah, but every single one of those people, including tie rod. Taylor I don't want on this team.

Bryan Stabbe: I'll give you my top two it's tie rod ADAC

Gumbi: No.

Bryan Stabbe: I would take

Bryan Stabbe: I would, I don't think it's gonna happen but

Gumbi: No, I don't. The money that it would cost to get them there. It doesn't make any sense. They are middle of the road quarterbacks if that tyrant shows maybe another record right for we're lucky that Prescott's not a top 10 quarterback. He's probably like

Bryan Stabbe: 13 injury socks.

Bryan Stabbe: I don't trust that injury.

Bryan Stabbe: Know, and I'm not sure.

Gumbi: But he's also looking for 25 $30 million a year.

Gumbi: Get out of here. I don't want that.

Gumbi: The best idea and the list that a lot of folks in there is, let's talk about traded

Bryan Stabbe: Trades. Yeah.

Gumbi: Let's, let's get a hold of what we need to do to get someone like Shawn Watson in here.


Bryan Stabbe: Yeah I know people are pretty amped up on the Sean what's do this.

Bryan Stabbe: Week. I mean, and this one because numbers to assign to

Gumbi: Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: To Sean and a 10 and a half million dollar cap hit. He wants out of Houston.

Bryan Stabbe: You're going to have to trade a first round pick to get him.

Gumbi: Or more than one

Bryan Stabbe: Probably more

Gumbi: And that and that cap it escalates.

Gumbi: That's just this year. That's one year, but he is a he signed 150 $8 million contract. Last year, I think it's for four or five years.

Gumbi: But it's going to escalate the last two or three years. So we have great hit this year but it definitely increases significantly next year and the year after

Bryan Stabbe: Well, and the cap goes down next year has to

Bryan Stabbe: Agree.

Bryan Stabbe: They haven't announced yet, but the cap is based on it's a fraction of revenue and revenues down this year because they had butts in seats.

Gumbi: So you can also, yeah.

Gumbi: So listen, you're throwing a bunch of next year for 10.5 that's fine for Sean, the year after that is the problem.

Bryan Stabbe: I almost want to do this as a whole episode. At one point, just to really break these

Bryan Stabbe: Down. We'll do the surface level, maybe we do

Bryan Stabbe: It as a whole episode.

Bryan Stabbe: The next on the list is Carson Wentz who's either 35 or 35 million

Bryan Stabbe: I know that there's been a lot of talk about it, but I think

Bryan Stabbe: That's probably no I don't want other people's trash.

Gumbi: He has proven that he's not good enough to do what he needs to do, get them out here. I don't want him here. I don't want you around.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, I think there's a little bit of Eagles. Eagles stench. They're also that just like

Gumbi: I love for the Eagles because he's been so bad. He's made us good

Bryan Stabbe: Matt Ryan Who is on the these it's on the downslope like

Gumbi: I love that Ryan his best days are far behind them.

Gumbi: Far, far beyond

Bryan Stabbe: My Matt Ryan stories when I was in high school. A buddy of mine had University of Maryland season tickets, and we went to the Maryland Boston college game. The Matt Ryan quarterback the Maryland upset number for Boston College.

Bryan Stabbe: I was probably a sophomore in high school and I storm the field. I was very excited to, like, pretend to be a college student john beyond the field where they'd be Boston College, Jimmy, Jimmy, drop, drop low

Bryan Stabbe: Five and a half million dollar cap hit

Bryan Stabbe: It, you probably know, but no.

Gumbi: He's not he's not worth the money $25 million for gerbils he's again he's a 15 1617 right quarterback. He's enrolled. The road Guy Why spend that much money for

Bryan Stabbe: I'm going to leave for a guy because he's the one I'm picking so Derek Carr is 19.6 he had a very bright star to his career and just has been a function of, like, very bad coaching.

Bryan Stabbe: And he's interesting

Gumbi: I don't. Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: I don't write them off immediately. For sure. I don't. I think there's actually not a zero chance that it ends up being him.

Gumbi: I don't mind that. Again, we say

Bryan Stabbe: 1919 and a half.

Gumbi: I think I can have high for him. Yeah, he may be one of those guys because what has happened that you could suddenly maybe negotiate. But again, he has a good ceiling.

Gumbi: A lot of these guys. We talked about they've already hit their ceiling there. It doesn't go any higher review car, a good team with an opportunity he may be able to just surprise you. A little bit.

Bryan Stabbe: Gruden I think just hate them.

Gumbi: I hate everybody

Bryan Stabbe: I think redundant like there was a period of time where Gruden was like saying, really nice things about Nathan Peterman

Bryan Stabbe: But who's like objectively the worst NFL quarterback of all time.

Gumbi: Oh, nice. So

Bryan Stabbe: Nathan Peter was a starting quarterback. He was though he like his numbers were and and you got to where he's like man this Peter mid guy like he really showing me something like, and he's like, whatever their relationship is weird.

Gumbi: Yeah, yeah. If we would never does anything in the NFL ever again. Then come talk to me. But until that happens. I'm not ever war but isn't as quarterbacks

Bryan Stabbe: Teddy Bridgewater is another interesting name, he's

Bryan Stabbe: His name was noted

Bryan Stabbe: Before they ended up bringing in

Bryan Stabbe: Case Keenum probably it's probably too late $80 million cap hit

Gumbi: Fell again he's a he's a great backup, but he's not going to be the starting quarterback.

Bryan Stabbe: This one jumps out at me because primarily because the cap hit but Nick falls.

Bryan Stabbe: Isn't I would not immediately say, no, he, I don't think he's that he want a Super Bowl. So like you can't be like he's bad like he sucks, like he doesn't. But like

Gumbi: I don't, because

Bryan Stabbe: 4 million. It's like nothing

Gumbi: But still, he's done he hasn't shown anything to be consistent. Right.

Bryan Stabbe: He got benched he got benched in Chicago. I mean, he got hurt and then like purpose he came in.

Gumbi: Venture whiskey did well for a while.

Gumbi: For a while, but yeah, I would

Gumbi: I put no no solace into Nicole's right now know

Bryan Stabbe: Another interesting one. I've heard people like just swap first round picks and throw in SAM Donald

Bryan Stabbe: Donald anytime there's like a guy who shown some promise, who's younger as a first round pick like I'm willing to kick the tires. I don't think Donald is as it as it is as bad as like he's been made out to be

Gumbi: You know, bad the jets have been

Gumbi: Just suck. They've been so there's no throw to there's nowhere to run the ball. There's no one coaching. There's a bus with no one driving and it's a party in the back. That's the jets.

Bryan Stabbe: That's not his fault.

Gumbi: No, he could be. We don't know. He could be really, really good. But man, the jets are bad. Yeah, they are such a badly run team from the top down that they have these they could have incredible athletes who never make it.

Gumbi: There because of how bad their

Bryan Stabbe: Jalen hurts. I'm not even gonna justify that with response that's not

Gumbi: Gonna happen. Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: Garter Minshew $850,000 cap yet. I don't think so. And then the I'm just, can I skip him.

Gumbi: Yeah, even though I love his haircut.

Bryan Stabbe: YEAH, HE'S RETURNING mustache issue mania and then the one I skipped was Matt Stafford, who at this point still has tread left on the tires. It's, it's, it's in the range. It's $20 million cap it. I think that one.

Bryan Stabbe: Is I don't, as is, as well as any of the rest of these. Personally, I think that that's maybe likely to happen if I guess.

Gumbi: I don't like it. But the reason I don't like it. Only because I mean I hate investing in quarterbacks that are

Gumbi: slowly declining Matt. Matt Stafford is not at the apex. He's already on the is slower than the way down.

Gumbi: He's old

Gumbi: How old is he like 30 something

Gumbi: He's played for the one he unifies younger he's been playing for so long, I guess he's great, he's still he's been playing for so for almost about eight to 10 years now.

Bryan Stabbe: He'll just benefit from a change of scenery.


Gumbi: But I like to shine Watson's younger, I would love to the Sean was

Bryan Stabbe: Oh, yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: I was on the farm. He gets Shawn Watson.

Gumbi: Yeah. I understand that. But I think Stafford will probably end up here. I don't want foals I don't want whence if we're going to trade. We got to be better and the Stafford do that. I think he does.

Gumbi: And he ended the Stafford's credit the choice, a fire pit of just crap.

Bryan Stabbe: It's not a good place to

Gumbi: Everyone that higher Sox players.

Bryan Stabbe: Mega years back on the table because he just

Bryan Stabbe: Didn't want to be playing for the

Gumbi: Lines and just walked away.

Bryan Stabbe: Barry Sanders did the same.

Gumbi: One that was how many years ago. It's not got any better.

Gumbi: So do I want to give Stafford opportunity. Of course I do.

Gumbi: Does it does feel good inside. Do I feel happy about it. No, because what do you want you want a 25 year old quarterback who can play because that's what everyone wants, but it is what it is and what I take Stafford if you push the playoffs. Hell yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: They don't come cheap. They don't come cheap. I mean, the other option is the draft. I don't

Gumbi: We don't have time for that.

Gumbi: I don't be so good choirs right

Bryan Stabbe: That's right. And that's really, I think, the ultimate thing is it feels kind of crazy to say this but, and it's not even just me that saying this, it feels like they are in a window.

Gumbi: I would agree.

Bryan Stabbe: With the pieces that they have, they have a lot of space to grow, but it seems it seems like they're closer to being there than they are to being in dead last. I mean, not that you know there's

Bryan Stabbe: gradations there but with the defensive corps that they have with a couple of pieces there their worlds and we're going to do a whole podcast on what they need this offseason addition QUARTERBACK, BUT THEY you right now.

Bryan Stabbe: This was a last year in terms of being able to develop a quarterback.

Bryan Stabbe: So to then start over with a with a rookie next year you essentially have to assume that they'd have to start week one.

Bryan Stabbe: And this is not a team that will thrive in that situation. And frankly, as far as I know. And again, I'm not a draft guy do not ask me to be a draft guy the quarterback.

Bryan Stabbe: Pool.

Bryan Stabbe: Doesn't seem that good in terms of guys who could be on that. Like, who, let's say they spend it. They had the opportunity to spend a first round draft a quarterback. It doesn't seem like anyone who's there is guaranteed to like turn it around and like be able to help you win in this window.

Gumbi: Nobody left. What we would track. Absolutely not. What I'm looking at, like, Look up, I'm going to go deep. Let me go deep just here real quick. In

Gumbi: 79 this year.

Gumbi: Great that seemed really good I think next year we will go because we're going against all the top echelon

Gumbi: Teams minus NFC east. I think we're into another seven or 988 season next year and bottom illness.

Gumbi: The reason I think that's, I think, I think we're gonna be much better as a team. We're just not going to get all the points needed. So in 2021 we're going to go eight Nate ish that puts us not quite in the playoffs and I'm probably your window here.

Gumbi: Sure, yep 2022 1012 games. That's what we're gonna wait we're going to be much better in 2022

Gumbi: Okay, okay.

Gumbi: Yeah 2023

Gumbi: Or 2024 survival chances. If we keep this trajectory

Gumbi: Sure. By that point in time 2023 after that is when we start losing some of the guys we currently have. Right. Some of these

Gumbi: But that's what I'm saying. So 2023 2024 I think we're in line for Super Bowl, I think we have

Gumbi: A we went from three to seven wins. I think we go up one extra win because we're going through the top end of every one next year. And I think we learned from that and progress into 2026 and 2023

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, and that's really one of the things

Bryan Stabbe: About the NFL is you are never that far from the top and you're never that far from the bottom.

Bryan Stabbe: Where you look at, I think, a really prime example is, let's talk about the last

Bryan Stabbe: I don't know. I want to say six years of

Bryan Stabbe: Or five years of the Philadelphia Eagles in 2015 or seven or nine in 2016 there seven and nine in 2017

Bryan Stabbe: They win the Super Bowl there 13 and 320 18 they go nine and 720 19 they go nine and seven they win the division 2020 they fire the coach that what that got them to a Super Bowl.

Bryan Stabbe: It is so hard to have. It's really hard to have sustained success in the NFL and frankly the teams who do it right can get from

Bryan Stabbe: Batter meddling to good if they do it right, pretty quickly. It can happen. It can happen. I mean, you think about like the Kansas City cheese before they really started to build in the homes like they were not good. They were not a good team. They were not a

Gumbi: But, and you're really a such a good coach.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, and you need a confluence of all the pieces to come together in order for it to work, but it is it is doable in a way that I don't think it is in very many other sports.

Gumbi: But I think two to three years away from the Super Bowl. That's what I'm saying. At least these competing for one, but I think next year. We're not going to be competing for a sortable know the year after that we are

Bryan Stabbe: Okay. Yeah, so there there's a window there.

Gumbi: But, but, as we just about Philly. They went 7979 or 97 that range and then they won the Super Bowl, I think that's the hot. We're going to make just not next year or unless we got

Gumbi: To spend or find a way to get an amazing quarterback that could be the difference. I think we are on trajectory for two to three years away. Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: We're gonna have a whole entire offseason full of Washington football team sort of us talking about it, doing other things.

Bryan Stabbe: Recognizing that is any parting thoughts on the bed. The game for Washington and Washington Tampa knowing we're going to have lots of time to sort of like break down the roster and the offseason

Bryan Stabbe: We stand with you.

Gumbi: We played better than I thought. We want to offensively. Sure. We played shinier than I thought. We're going to defensively.

Gumbi: But we gotta catch a ball. We got to get some better receivers. But man, the team play with heart. Yep. And that makes me very happy for the future. Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: Well, we'll do I think we'll do a whole week on what they need the most and will rank the positions and we'll do the whole thing.

Bryan Stabbe: Washington falls Tampa Bay moves on, let's sort of do a quick run through of predictions for this week.

Bryan Stabbe: I don't want to do more than just this week.

Bryan Stabbe: Just doing week by week where

Bryan Stabbe: We're still coming to you still football season, even when it's not. We're gonna be doing this. Let's start off with

Bryan Stabbe: The let's say the NFC games.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, let's see the NFC games though we'll do them in order.

Gumbi: Yeah. What about

Gumbi: Super not wildcard weekend.

Bryan Stabbe: Of regular. I think this is divisional round technical

Bryan Stabbe: But whatever in order on Saturday at 435 so no more one o'clock games if you're on the eastern time zone for 35 he got the number one seated on a by Green. Green Bay Packers going up against the 60 the Los Angeles Rams

Bryan Stabbe: packers are seven point favorites.


Gumbi: Of course playing at Lambeau it's cold. What against the rams. You know what I don't like to take

Gumbi: I think that sounds way too much. Normally, but I think in this scenario, I would take Green Bay.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, I'm also taking rebel, though it seems like a no brainer yeah Rams quarterback situation is brutal.

Gumbi: And then, then you're up in Lambeau it's cold, they're coming from LA.

Gumbi: They're gonna lose by, like, yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: Aaron Rodgers is I think gonna be the MVP this year.

Gumbi: Oh my god yeah he's okay.

Bryan Stabbe: Then the other Saturday game, the prime time Saturday.

Bryan Stabbe: Probably the game I'm most looking forward to this weekend is the number to Buffalo Bills against the number five Baltimore ravens

Bryan Stabbe: The bills are two and a half point favorites. It's gonna be a great game. I thought the I thought the Ravens Titans game was the best game this past weekend and I think this game will be the best game this weekend ravens

Gumbi: I bleed Maryland through and through. When but I'm not a Ravens fan. Yeah, I know, but I think the bills going to take this. I think the bills gonna take it. I think are taken by more than three. So I would take the bills winning it outright

Gumbi: Over the points I think the bills are taken, and it as much as the ravens are good. I don't think they're making it through this week.

Bryan Stabbe: I also believe Maryland through and through. I am a Baltimore Ravens fan. I'm an inaugural season ticket holder. Shocker. Sorry.

Gumbi: I don't want to get this phenomenal.

Bryan Stabbe: Will do a whole episode about that at some point. Um, I think the ravens are going to win this game. I do.

Gumbi: Because I want them to. But I think that they're

Bryan Stabbe: Gonna

Gumbi: Get what's the

Bryan Stabbe: What's the bet.

Gumbi: No, you're not gonna bet this one.

Bryan Stabbe: Uh, some natty bows.

Gumbi: Done.

Gumbi: There. We've done a 12 or natty boh

Bryan Stabbe: There you go for

Gumbi: That's like

Gumbi: $4 and

Gumbi: 50 cents.

Bryan Stabbe: Some

Gumbi: Cans now to get fancy

Bryan Stabbe: The Sunday 305

Bryan Stabbe: Eastern, the number one right Kansas City Chiefs are nine and a half point favorites against the Cleveland Browns who I went to bed at halftime with the Browns game because I was like, You know what, worst case scenario.

Bryan Stabbe: Pittsburgh comes back in this game of wins, because I really don't like the Pittsburgh Steelers and it's socks and best case scenario is I just get to go to sleep and the Browns win this game.

Bryan Stabbe: That was awesome. Watching the

Bryan Stabbe: The Washington. Washington broke the Steelers

Gumbi: They did like right over their shoulder just boom. It's done. The seals just have him on playing well yeah but watching that game. You also realize the

Gumbi: browns can throw a ball. They can score it will, but they can't defend crap. And in looking at that and looking at the chiefs are just so good. So I think that chiefs, take it. I think chiefs win the game.

Gumbi: But I don't think they went by nine and a half. I think the Browns have just enough firepower to keep it within range of a touchdown.

Gumbi: So I think it's gonna be like a you know a high ranking thing like 42 to 35 but I definitely think that the browser, keep it within seven. So I would take the Browns points, but of course the chiefs when

Bryan Stabbe: I'm taking the chiefs and the nine and a half. I think they're gonna think they're gonna win.

Gumbi: Yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: I do. I think so. I kind of part of me was like, I just, I really was excited to get myself excited before the Browns game for ravens chiefs.

Bryan Stabbe: Because I think a lot of people thought that that was going to be the AFC championship game last year and the Baltimore loses the Tennessee and then the chiefs, just like stopped.

Gumbi: The time ruined.

Bryan Stabbe: So in my predictions Baltimore plays Kansas City and the rematch or in what should have been last year's AFC Championship

Bryan Stabbe: And then the last game.

Gumbi: Before that, I just hope the Browns loose. I don't have to see another Baker Mayfield commercial

Bryan Stabbe: Oh, you're going to see him, no matter what.

Gumbi: Oh, they're so bad.


Gumbi: Hulu.

Bryan Stabbe: NFC kind of sucks.

Bryan Stabbe: The saints are playing the box.

Bryan Stabbe: I think it's okay. Three and a half points the saints are only three half point favorite. I think the saints are good. I think the saints are gonna curb stomp, but I maybe that's me wishful thinking.

Bryan Stabbe: I want them to win by like four touchdowns, like I did.

Bryan Stabbe: And we don't know.

Gumbi: Like was it is it in some New Orleans. Okay.

Gumbi: It's hard to bet against either Drew Brees or Tom Brady

Gumbi: Yeah, but man, the running game of saints is amazing in watching what happened against the box with our team. I honestly think that the sense will win and the wind by about seven. So take the saints in the points.

Bryan Stabbe: Watching New Orleans, just like demolish the bears, and I don't think the bears. Very good. So like, whatever. Honestly, it was the fact that it was on Nickelodeon made it watchable because that was like the worst game of the week.

Gumbi: Oh, Sean Payton got slime. So it was worth it.

Bryan Stabbe: He did get slimed wearing a Jordans. He was wearing Jordans of people like shoe. People like sneaker people like, no, not the Jordans. Um,

Gumbi: I can't afford them.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, he's, he's fine.

Bryan Stabbe: I'm taking New Orleans and I'm taking them to win by more than three.

Bryan Stabbe: Okay, that was good. Let's

Bryan Stabbe: Let's wind things down. I'm going to ask one more question and then you

Bryan Stabbe: Want it so will you will

Bryan Stabbe: Then we'll, we'll get on out of here.

Bryan Stabbe: As Washington's season comes to an end.

Bryan Stabbe: This was a weird one. There's a weird one. It was a wild one. What is in this moment, the most memorable or thing that stands out most you like when you think back on this year.

Bryan Stabbe: What's the thing. The first thing that's going to pop into your head or what right now. What is the first thing that pops into your head. Maybe it'll continue to be the same thing.

Bryan Stabbe: There was a lot that happened this year a lot of really notable games. Notable moments, some of them good, some of them bad

Bryan Stabbe: It's been a whirlwind. So I'm just kind of curious like where your head's at. In terms of, like, oh, this was the enduring moment from the season.

Gumbi: I'm going to focus on the field.

Gumbi: Yeah, things happen off the field that I just, you know, just

Gumbi: You know,

Gumbi: Anything about socks.

Gumbi: On the field. One of the most during moments of the season for me. And I'm going to give down Smith.

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah.

Gumbi: When he went in and all of a sudden I look over and Aaron Donald's on his back.

Bryan Stabbe: Immediately, like the second Bailey.

Gumbi: When he first of all, but he went in it like it was I took a breath in, and I couldn't let it go, it was that they went to commercial break that game. This is, you remember, I remember that. Like they like

Gumbi: Kyle Allen breaks his leg wherever it was. And then all sudden you like, oh, Alex Smith is coming in. Everyone goes what

Gumbi: And you see us with commanding walks to the huddle and then they go, Okay, well, commercial break. And everyone's lose their minds. You go in first thing happens. I don't remember the first play was, but he, I think it was just like a running play

Gumbi: Second play, he goes back in the pocket and Aaron Donald jump. I mean, yeah, I heard on jumps up his back and everyone thought is, like, we're just going to explode.

Gumbi: Thought I thought was great. I'm holding my breath and you were holding your breath. It was a scary damn moment. Yeah. And he gets up and you go, it may be okay.

Gumbi: And the reason that moment sits with me. Is it kind of is a defining moment of the season where we didn't have the best team, the NFL. We didn't have a worst

Gumbi: Well, you know, we had, we had a bunch of players who were able to just keep going, who pushed and persevered and found ways to continue

Gumbi: Even by losing sometimes by a lot but still strap of their clothes and keep going. And that's what Alex Smith did was kept going and found their way and he became

Gumbi: Almost like a mascot or sure or leader and you've got to be fully impressed by what he did and that's the moment of the season where I went. We may be okay and it stuck with me ever since. So in the 2020 2021 season right what has stuck with you. What, what part of this season.

Gumbi: Do you remember does it just kind of seared into your memory.

Bryan Stabbe: I think what your responses objectively the right answer, like, you know, there's always part of why this is also great is because you can discuss things, but some answers are just more right than others are and yours is very right I I'm also going to be with you. I think

Bryan Stabbe: Regrettably,

Bryan Stabbe: Yeah, regrettably, the, the things that are going to stand out from the season are probably off the field stuff. I don't you wanna I just narrowly tailoring this question. Mine. My answer in terms of like what really jazz me up and got me going. In addition to the Smith situation was

Bryan Stabbe: Montez Sweat's interception return for a touchdown on like the Thanksgiving.

Bryan Stabbe: Game where that was one of the first times in a long time where I got my seat.

Bryan Stabbe: And in a good way, like an excitement. It was and it was instinctive like it wasn't like, oh I you know like I wasn't like making a show of it. Like, I naturally leapt up from a seated position. You know how much I don't like standing up when I'm sitting down. I hate that.

Gumbi: Just everyone knows Brian ways, no less than 530 pounds just those legs go and it's obscene.

Gumbi: I'm also lying.

Gumbi: You are knowing

Bryan Stabbe: That it takes to winch.

Bryan Stabbe: On the sofa.

Gumbi: My 600 pound life.

Bryan Stabbe: That was me.

Bryan Stabbe: Biographical um

Bryan Stabbe: It was, it was awesome. And it, it was kind of what got people paying attention to the performance of this team in a positive way. It was uniformly a positive response because it was

Bryan Stabbe: An Objectively Cool thing to see. And it was an incredibly talented play like, you know, JJ Watt does that and it makes number one on Sports Center top 10 not that anyone's watching sports on of these days I haven't watched more center and

Bryan Stabbe: A number of years. But it was cool. It was cool. It was fun. It was

Gumbi: Washington, a week ago.

Gumbi: Just so you know.

Bryan Stabbe: You'll have to tell me

Gumbi: It's not as good as it used to be. Yeah.

Gumbi: The player talking about it. Put sweat.

Gumbi: Back in back in the talk about things because yeah that people had quietly slept on how good he was doing throughout the NFL and that game all sudden people like Oh, he's so good. But yeah, we know

Gumbi: We want some this whole time and but as a fan. You're just so excited about what he did, because he was so excited. Yeah, he has so much passion.

Gumbi: Oh my God, yeah.

Bryan Stabbe: Well, it was an exciting season it was a memorable season. I think maybe my number one memory was starting this podcast with you.

Bryan Stabbe: This podcast. Oh, is the Colt of Cult is produced and edited by me. Bryan Stabbe my co-host and director of social media is Gumbi, we now have 50 some odd Twitter followers are doing great out there. Thank you for following you can follow us on Twitter at the cult of cold. That's all one word. We're on untapped app at bstabbe and at D Cumberland junior, we have not picked up followers there. You can find us on Apple podcast Google Play Stitcher and Spotify by searching hogs haven a Washington football team podcast and we ask that if you like what you've heard that you do three simple things that you subscribe that you rate five stars and you encourage one friend To check us out. It does make a huge impact on our ability to reach new listeners. We know that your list


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  • 7%
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What will the team do with Kyle Allen?

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What’s the future for Alex Smith?

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  • 5%
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