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Ron Rivera Presser: ‘We’re headed up, we’re on the way up.’

Ron Rivera speaks to the media

Carolina Panthers v Washington Football Team Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

Taylor Heinicke:

Future is bright:

Heinicke shoulder injury:

Alex Smith:


Onside kick:


Next year:

Kendall Fuller


Tom Brady:

Learning from the experience:

Heading in the right direction:

Taylor Heinicke:

Terry McLaurin

Taylor Heinicke:

Team is on the right track:

No participation trophies:

Injury recovery:

This year’s team:

Daron Payne

Excited for the future:

Happier with a win:

Ryan Kerrigan:

Taylor Heinicke:

Morgan Moses

Taylor Heinicke:

Future is bright:


Taylor Heinicke

Ron Rivera:

Shoulder injury:

Tom Brady:

Belong in the NFL:

Last drive:

Final exams:


Staying ready:

Alex Smith:

Social media:

Patrick Mahomes: