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It’s Dwayne’s Team Now

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New York Giants v Washington Redskins Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Dwayne Haskins is officially THE guy. Ron Rivera announced what all of us saw coming, Haskins is the starting quarterback for the Washington Football team.

Haskins has had a fantastic offseason and earned his spot to lead the team into Week 1 against those dastardly Philadelpia Eagles on Sunday Sept. 13.

The lack of preseason games has made it a bit difficult to discuss positional battles and things of that nature. You know, the normal stuff we talk about nine days out from the start of the season.

With Haskins officially getting the nod we finally get to ask – and answer – a very important question: What can we expect from Dwayne Haskins as a full-time starter?

My prediction: Over 3,000 yards and between 23-30 TDs, likely in the 25 range.

While pondering this question I took a look at the numbers from other young quarterbacks, specifically in their first season as the full time starter. Guys like Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson and Daniel Jones.

This wasn’t in an effort for mass comparison prior to Haskins actually playing a game in 2020. But more of just gauging what those guys did, and realistically making an evaluation on what Dwayne can do.

All of the guys mentioned were above 3,000 yards this past season. Even Jones (3,027 yards, 24 TDs) who played 13 games–started 12. Straight up, Haskins is better than Jones.

On top of that, I like our skill position guys better than I like the Giants’ skill position guys. It’s almost too obvious to me that Haskins will have not only a better year than Jones’ first year as a full-time starter. But Haskins will have a better year than Jones this year in general.

I’m confident Haskins goes over 3,000 yards this season and I think the touchdowns will come with it. It should be a fun 2020 for the kid.

In this podcast I also discuss the possibility of signing Mohamed Sanu and the the madness surrounding Dan Snyder.

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