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Jack Del Rio Presser: We have to remain aggressive with the pass rush when facing mobile QBs

Jack Del Rio speaks to the media after today's practice

Head Coach Ron Rivera was at a scheduled cancer treatment today, so Jack Del Rio ran today's Washington Football Team practice. He talked about this week's game against the Baltimore Ravens and their dynamic QB Lamar Jackson. They are considering all options to stop him, including studying the Chiefs game plan from Monday night.

Del Rio said the defense was hesitant when they faced Cardinals QB Kyler Murray two weeks ago. They have to remain aggressive when facing mobile QBs, and they did a better job of that last week vs Browns QB Baker Mayfield.

Del Rio wouldn't commit to ruling Chase Young out with his groin injury. They will evaluate him this week, and then make a decision when they need to. Montez Sweat had a big game last week, and he is doing what they want, stopping the run on the way to the quarterback. They are also excited for Tim Settle to get more opportunities. He's a good player after Matt Ioannidis' season-ending injury. James Smith-Williams and Nate Orchard will also get more chances to play due to injuries on the defensive line.

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Stay aggressive vs mobile QBs:

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