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Jack Del Rio Presser: “The guys are going to know what to do, go there fast and tackle well.”

Jack Del Rio speaks to the media after today's practice

Washington Football Team Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio answered some questions as the team prepares to trim the roster down this weekend. He opened the presser by talking about Head Coach Ron Rivera, and his support for him as he receives treatment for cancer while still coaching the team. Del Rio is prepared to step in to lead the team if Rivera needs him, and the staff he’s put together will be handle the task.

Del Rio said the focus of the defense is pretty simple, don’t let the opposing team score, and get the ball back for Washington’s offense. Tackling is something they’ve been focusing on, and teaching the proper technique to the defense. They don’t tackle to the ground in practice, but using the proper leverage will prepare them for the season. Del Rio also said that second-year LB Cole Holcomb has had a good camp.

Ron Rivera:





Cole Holcomb:

Potential to performance: