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Pig Pen Podcast: From Bad to Worse in Cleveland

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Washington Football Team v Cleveland Browns Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Let’s just call it like it is, this was not a fun podcast to tape. Which should make sense because the performance from the Washington Football team wasn’t a whole lot of fun to watch.

As a staunch defender of Dwayne Haskins I’m not feeling exceptionally great about Sunday’s performance. With that said, I’m beaten not broken. (Hooray optimism!) All of the problems we’ve seen from Haskins this year are still fixable issues.

Ron Rivera is sticking with Haskins, but did say there is a “cut off point.” Rivera didn’t share when or what the cut off point is, but I would say Week 8 would be a fair spot. If Haskins hasn’t taken notable steps forward by Week 8 it’s time to pull the plug.

If you’re all aboard the “Kyle Allen is the savior” train, don’t be. I don’t care what Allen’s history is with Rivera, he’s not fixing the issues the offense has.

In this podcast I also touch on the impressive performances from Terry McLaurin and Montez Sweat. Both of whom were bright spots in a rather gloomy day for fans.

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