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The Washington 2020 New Era sideline hats have officially dropped!

New gear!

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The Washington Football Team has a new set of sideline hats courtesy of New Era. Washington has started the process of moving on from their old Redskins name, and selecting a new name.

For the 2020 season they are the Washington Football Team. Team owner Dan Snyder has said that name could possibly become permanent if the fans embrace it. This has gotten a mixed response from the fanbase, but some have definitely warmed up to being the Football Team.

Washington kept their Burgundy and Gold color scheme and modified their game day jerseys and helmets which a lot people liked. Numbers were added to the helmets in place of the team's former logo.

New Era dropped three new Washington sideline hats this morning, and they are available to purchase at Fanatics. There are currently three styles of hats for sale featuring the team's new logo.

Washington Football gear available at the Hogs Haven Fan Shop!