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Rile’d Up Podcast: The Athletic’s Rhiannon Walker Discusses The Week That Was, And The Weeks Ahead

Rhiannon Walker, the WFT reporter for The Athletic joins Rile’d Up to discuss a wide variety of topics related to football and beyond

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Washington Football Team v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

On this episode of Rile’d Up, Tiffany and Allana discussed the Browns matchup with the Athletic’s Washington Football Team reporter, Rhiannon Walker.

Walker is an University of Maryland at College Park graduate, and Prince George’s County native. She’s been with the Athletic, covering Washington for past two seasons. Walker’s written some of fans favorite feature pieces on Chase Young, Jennifer King and other organization members of the Washington Football Team. Before joining The Athletic, she worked for ESPN as an Associate Editor.

Walker discussed Coach Ron Rivera’s day-to-day practice style. She pointed out how the team has been practicing at tempo they’re failing to bring to their first half of football. This has been The analysis over the past two weeks. The team, has come back from behind in the second half playing the type of football they practice. Walker, shed light on what Rivera and offensive coordinator Scott Turner have said about the teams first half woes.

It’s been a discussion since last season, with Washington fan groups all over social media, whether Dwayne Haskins has time to develop. Walker weighed-in on “win now football,” and how successful developmental quarterbacks have been throughout NFL history. She assures fans that under Rivera’s plans for the team to fully come together by 2021, Haskins has time to adjust and mature in his role as starting quarterback.

Many have given their opinion on the Breonna Taylor indictment and the important issues in the pursuit for equality and justice. Walker, and the pair discussed the charges applied in the case. She did not hold back on her opinion, and discussed what Dwayne Haskins and other members of the team organization had to say about the wanton endangerment charge.

The Browns matchup will be an opportunity for the offense to work out their kinks against a defense giving up a surplus of points. Defensively for Washington, they will be put to the test by a talented running game and overall stacked offense in Cleveland.

Walker and your hosts make their predictions for the outcome against the Browns — you’ll just have to listen to find out what they were.

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