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The WFT Should Play One More Game At RFK

It’s the #PlayOneMoreAtRFK movement, let’s go home one last time!

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MLB All-Star Game Photo by: Diamond Images/Getty Images

The Washington Football Team are who we thought they were, but what are you gonna do? Bryan and Gumbi are back to chat (briefly) about a disappointing (albeit not unexpected) loss to the Cardinals, what lies ahead against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday and a little After a little detour to discuss OBJ’s... preferences. When you get two long-time fans of the franchise together for long enough, the conversation inevitably ends up in some familiar places — namely discussing the misery of FedEx Field.

We have some shared experiences together seeing the team play in Raljon, and are both former season ticket-holders who recognized that our wallets and our mental wellbeing is better suited by watching from home, that is — before we had the choice.

That said, we have a simple pitch to the WFT brass and Dan Snyder himself: play a game this season at RFK. While it would be a pure nostalgia grab, with the end of the once-historic and fan-beloved home on the horizon, why not try to get the band back together for one last time? While it’s nearly unquestionably a death trap with fans in the stands, maybe there’s lemonade to be made out of these empty-stand lemons. We kick off the #WFTatRFK movement to #PlayOneMoreAtRFK here and now — we hope you’ll join us!

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