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Ron Rivera Presser: Learned the importance of position flexibility as a coordinator

Ron Rivera, Steve Russ, and Kamren Curl speak to the media after today’s practice

Ron Rivera will travel with the team tomorrow when they go to Cleveland to face the Browns on Sunday. He traveled on Dan Snyder’s private plan last week when the team traveled to Arizona. Rivera is undergoing cancer treatments, and said this week is a shorter trip for him to make. Travel restrictions on teams have also left Team President Jason Wright and Vice President of Player Personnel Kyle Smith back in the DMV for away games.

Rivera loves some of the changed rules for teams due to COVID-19 this year. He said having 80 players in training camp instead of the normal 90 allowed for more intimate coaching. This year’s short-term injured reserve option is something he would like to see the NFL keep long-term. He mentioned someone like Brandon Scherff who has an MCL sprain that is projected to keep him off the field for 3-6 weeks. The team would have two options in the old system, keep him on the roster and inactive until he’s healthy, or put him on IR and keep him out half the season.

Injury report:

Travel schedule:

Travel restrictions:

Position flexibility:

Less players in training camp:

Short-term IR:

Alex Smith:

Kyler Murray:

Washington LBs Coach Steve Russ also talked to the media today, and he mentioned a popular theme of the Ron RivERA, diversity. Linebackers in the modern era have to have a diverse skillset, and can’t just be fast and powerful. Some teams still play “big-boy football” so you need defenders to contain those offenses.

Kevin Pierre-Louis is getting the opportunity to be a full-time starter for the first time in his career and he is taking advantage of it. He continues to improve and was one of Washington’s studs last week. Cole Holcomb has been injured the last two weeks, but Russ isn’t worried about him falling behind because he stays mentally engaged. Jon Bostic is a leader on the defense and is on pace for his best season rushing the passer. He has already recorded 2 sacks, and has never had more than 2.5 in a season. Russ attributes his success to Bostic’s effort and Washington’s defensive line.

Steve Russ


Kevin Pierre-Louis:


Cole Holcomb:

Jon Bostic:

Browns offense:

My pick for this year’s Mason/Brennan Preseason Hype! Awards Kamren Curl got a chance to answer questions today. Being a late round(7th) pick was extra motivation to make plays in training camp. Going in the last round is almost like going undrafted, and you need to prove yourself every day. Curl was consistently noticed by reporters and coaches in camp, and has played the 6th most snaps by a defensive back for Washington over the first two games.

Kamren Curl

Late round pick:

Odell Beckham Jr./Jarvis Landry:

Staying healthy: