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Scott Turner Presser: Dwayne Haskins really impressed me with the way he throws the football, he's got a trigger

Scott Turner speaks to the media after today's practice

Washington Football Team Offensive Coordinator Scott Turner talked about Dwayne Haskins Jr. being officially named the team's starter today. He has attacked the prep, and bought into the playbook and the offense. He's also worked hard to transform his body to prepare for his second NFL season. Turner has been really impressed with Haskins arm after working with him for training camp. "He's got a trigger"

Offensive Coordinator Scott Turner spoke to the media about the unique offseason, what he has seen from Dwayne Haskins, and more.

Posted by Washington Football Team on Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Antonio Gibson:

“Antonio’s done a great job in camp so far as have a lot of our guys. When we—I’m going to be vague right now so I’m going to apologize in advance—when we have our skill guys that are active, they’re all going to have roles. We’re going to use them all. We’re going to figure out kind of based on what Philly does on offense and what our guys do well, and that’s how we’re going to plan to attack the defense.”

Geron Christian Sr.:

Dwayne Haskins Jr.:


Tight ends:

“I think that’s another group that’s really improved. It’s guys that maybe their roles were smaller in the past in places they’ve been. I think they had to adjust to kind of be in—talking about [TE] Logan [Thomas], [TE]Marcus Baugh, [TE Jeremy] Sprinkle—guys that now their roles have gotten bigger and the pressure that that brings to you on a daily basis to perform.

[TE]Coach [Pete] Hoener, our tight ends coach, I think has done an outstanding job with them. Again, those guys—Marcus made a hell of a play today in practice. I don’t know if he makes it a couple weeks ago. It’s just the confidence and being out there. I think they’re ready to go.

Overall, we talk about our guys and there’s a lot of people in that situation. These guys are hungry and they’re professional athletes and they’re excited to play. I’m excited for them.”

Ron Rivera:

“It’s as I expected. Coach is as stable and steady as they come. It’s the same guy every day. He doesn’t get too high or too low. He’s very demanding of us as coaches and of the players. The expectation level never changes.

He doesn’t panic. There’s no panic level in him whatsoever, it’s just steady. If an issue comes up: this is plan, this is how we attack it and he expects everyone to be on board. It’s great. You couldn’t ask for a better guy to work for than someone like that.”

Washington's offense: