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Randy Jordan Presser: Antonio Gibson has a tremendous skillset, was trying to do too much on his big run

Randy Jordan and Wes Martin speak to the media after today’s practice

Randy Jordan got the rare chance to talk to reporters today. He was asked about Antonio Gibson’s 20 yard run against the Eagles that could have broken for a huge TD. Gibson said yesterday that he should have cut inside, but instead got tripped up when he ran into Terry McLaurin. Jordan said he just tried to do a little bit too much on that run, but plays like that he wants to see go all the way. Gibson has a tremendous skillset, great size, and the ability to kick it into the next gear when he needs to. Jordan said he is still working on his anticipation and patience.

Jordan was asked what makes a good goal line RB, and what makes Peyton Barber good for those last few yards. He said Barber has great pad level, and was able to get in for two scores last week. Jordan said there’s always one defender that you’re not going to be able to block, and pad level, along with ball security, is key at the goal line.

Jordan emphasized that this is a young group of running backs who are very energetic. They want to know the why of everything, and it’s been fun coaching them. He was asked about Bryce Love who was inactive for the first NFL game he was on the roster. Love is on track to help later in the season, and he is humble and hard-working.

Antonio Gibson:

Peyton Barber:

Offensive line:

Bryce Love:

Young RB group:

Wes Martin spoke to the media after his rough outing vs the Eagles last week and reporters seemed to go easy on him. He was asked about the Arizona Cardinals defensive line, and said they are big, stout, and talented across the board. It was weird playing a game without fans in the stadium last week, and it was eerily quiet. Martin was not surprised at Washington’s defense creating turnovers to give the offense opportunities. Working with OL Coach John Matsko has been a great experience.

Wes Martin

Arizona’s DL:

No fans in the stadium:

Defense creating turnovers:

OL Coach John Matsko: